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Does Free Will Exist? You Need To Stop Being The Victim

Does Free Will Exist? You Need To Stop Being The Victim

What is Free Will?

Let us begin our quest by defining what exactly “free will” is: the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. However, do we really act at our own discretion?

Note that there is a difference between freedom and free will. Freedom is the extent to which one can exercise their free will. Free will, however, relates to how much control one has over what they do. This will be clearer later.

Free Will

You might be lead into thinking, for example, that everybody is free to do what they want, and make decisions of their own accord, thus we all have free will. Perhaps, you consider our present society rich with freedom, albeit this is excluding dictatorships, prisons, and human-rights offenders.

Of course, we may perceive a helpless soul constrained to a fascist concentration camp lacking free will. Although, some people could argue that, in this situation, you would retain some free will—the will to make minor decisions such as moving your body and attempting to rebel against the circumstance, as well as the mere ability to think.

Sound like free will, right? Indeed, but is this true free will?

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5 Breathtaking Secrets Elephants Don’t Tell You About

5 Breathtaking Secrets Elephants Don’t Tell You About

Why is This World Unjust?

Could you really believe that everyone around you—even your friends and family—lies about the truth? That’s right. You’re being deceived. It turns out that this tradition of concealing the truth has eventually lead to this dystopian reality where we lie to ourselves.

With this in mind, we can now understand that reality is not as you think it to be. You probably live under the illusion that we are free and what you are told is the reality. On the contrary, reality has, in fact, been crafted meticulously by the elites.

The elites are those who control the human population as if it were puppetry. Accordingly, these demonic creatures silent the free words of society, ensuring nobody leaves their hypnotic trance. They, equally, strategically introduce ideas (or lies) into this grand experiment to really see how far away people can live from the true reality.

One would not expect to simply identify the truth from lies, yet occasionally, the elites slip up. Even so, immense difficulty remains in attempting to trace the activity of the elites. I have, however, stumbled upon a major flaw.

Proceeding countless hours of compiling numerous, hidden, sources of evidence, I am left with several conclusions. As it so seems, elephants are not what we perceive them to be. Why not, in light of this profound discovery, explore further the secrets elephants don’t tell you about?

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How to Use Bitcoin: Truths You Need To Know

How to Use Bitcoin: Truths You Need To Know

First: Why Should You Care About Bitcoin?

You need it more than you think

Even if you will not use it, knowing all about and how to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a lovely intellectual item to have in your toolbelt. One of the fun parts about becoming proficient with computers is expanding your knowledge; broadening your awareness.

Of course, you wouldn’t learn about something for the sake of knowing about it—it is only valuable learning about something that is relevant to you. Well, guess what? Cryptocurrency is especially relevant currently, considering its recent increased popularity.

Perhaps you could take advantage of cryptocurrencies to make some juicy profit, as well as anonymous payments. Are you a software developer wanting to specialise in the blockchain? All computer enthusiasts can easily benefit from knowing about—and understanding—cryptocurrency today.

Have a sneak peek at some of the reasons why you must read this article on how to use Bitcoin:

Advantages of using cryptocurrency:

  • It’s decentralised.
  • It’s international.
  • Make anonymous transactions.
  • The transactions are secure.
  • Only you initiate outbound payments.
  • You own your wallet (though not so much with web services).

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Typing Proficiency: How to Boost Your Productivity

Typing Proficiency: How to Boost Your Productivity

Typing Proficiency is For Everyone

You are troubled, yet help is here. After reading this article and acting on it accordingly, I guarantee that you will be able to touch-type quickly and efficiently with typing proficiency.

I will show you one way that I have experience with and can confidently say works to make you a better typist.

You do not need to be a programmer or writer to find massive benefits from typing proficiently; anyone who spends at least 10 hours each week using a computer will still gain in many ways.

If you do any of the below you need to read on:

  • Use search engines (like DuckDuckGo) to search the web.
  • Use search engines for shopping for items (like on Amazon).
  • Take notes or writing small documents, e.g. if you are a student.
  • Send emails or instant messages on social networking sites.
  • Write articles or computer programmes.
  • Use special characters not available on your keyboard.
  • Use the keyboard at all for writing text.

Also, if you are someone who suffers from repetitive strain injury, I can make typing much easier for you.

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