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Life Is an Illusion: 7 Reasons Why This Is

Life Is an Illusion: 7 Reasons Why This Is

What is Reality, in Reality?

At some point, you go deep into the practice of contemplating life. What is reality? Is life an illusion?

Perhaps you are right, after all, there are so many possible explanations for the fact that life is an illusion. Even Elon Musk realises the abundantly likely chance that we are simply living in a simulation. It’s a:

“billions to one chance that we’re not living in a simulation.”

I often have extraordinary experiences beyond my typical level of comprehension; something makes me dwell on the absurdity of life. In fact, it is almost as if everything around me becomes a counterfeit copy of “reality.”

But what if our perception of “reality” is wrong? We use the concept of reality to describe our conscious experience as a sane human. Although people may call me—from time to time—insane, I still believe in the Grand Illusion.

Moreover, you will find that the “Grand Illusion” is a recurring theme in the Philosophy department of the butter. That you will be somewhat familiar with after avidly reading about why we don’t have free will. However, if you aren’t a real supporter of the butter, here’s the definition of the grand illusion:

Definition of Grand Illusion

Gather round, children, as we discuss some of the possible reasons why life is an illusion. And you cannot deny that truth since the evidence is heavier than the crunchiest butter of all; trust me, I was brought up with proper weather maps.

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How to Navigate Windows 10: 123 Most Valuable Shortcuts

How to Navigate Windows 10: 123 Most Valuable Shortcuts

The Secret to Ultimate Windows 10 ProficiencyIncrease Your Windows 10 Productivity

Do you want to learn the one thing that can accelerate your productivity when using Windows 10? In that case, you’ll need to know how to navigate Windows 10 proficiently, and keyboard shortcuts are the solution. This is because they allow rapid access to Windows 10 functions without moving the cursor.

For you see, solely using your mouse and neglecting keyboard shortcuts puts the brakes on your productivity: you consume an awful amount of time dragging that cursor from one end of the screen to the other. Not to mention, you mustn’t forget the time spent clicking buttons.

Keyboard shortcuts are essential to efficiently navigate Windows 10. Moreover, they are at the heart of proficiently using computers as a whole. Therefore, I have an article with a free downloadable infographic about editing text with shortcuts.

This time though, we will be focusing exclusively on how to navigate Windows 10; I will walk you through all the keyboard shortcuts you need to know in order to make the most of your Windows operating system.

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You “Actually” Need Photoshop, But is Paint Better Value?

You “Actually” Need Photoshop, But is Paint Better Value?

Update: Stick with me until the end of the post for a complementary video for your learning convenience.

Do You Really Need Photoshop to Be Professional?

Perhaps you are considering re-mortgaging your house, so you can afford a decent image editor. What if I told you that you might not actually need Photoshop to fulfil your demand? In fact, Photoshop is not essential for most people in the least.

If any of the below describes your needs, I can guarantee you don’t need Photoshop for any graphical work:

  • Superior graphics for your personal brand.
  • Graphics for a blog or social media.
  • A logo for a generic online account.Cryptic Butter
  • Diagrams for presentations or whatnot.
  • The ability to execute simple operations, such as cropping and combining photos.
  • Occasional drawings for whatever you need.

To illustrate my point, take a glance at my website; I’ve never used Photoshop to create graphics for this professional website, despite its brilliance. For example, analyse the elegance of the Cryptic Butter logo because I doubt you’d believe I created that 100% using MS Paint.

On my posts, too, I sometimes use my own drawings to visualise my words. Go and read this post, and this one—and don’t forget this one—to see the evidence. In some cases, I even make the main post featured image solely in MS (Microsoft) Paint.

Of course, I will never need Photoshop. I’ll never need to touch it, and neither will you.

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4 Incredible Taskbar Customisation Tricks You Need to Know

4 Incredible Taskbar Customisation Tricks You Need to Know

Jazz Up Your Windows Desktop

Personally, I believe that the default Windows taskbar is not optimal. Fortunately for you, however, this is an issue that, to an extent, can be solved. In this article, I will highlight the taskbar customisation tricks that you can use to add a sprinkle of pizzazz to your Windows desktop.
Don’t you sometimes get bored of the suboptimal, bog-standard taskbar? If you do, you’ll likely adjust the personalisation settings: the colour, tray icons, pinned items, labels, icon size, position, and so on.

Rather inconveniently, Windows does not offer boggling quantities of taskbar customisation built-in. It’s not like you can easily adjust the transparency of the taskbar, for example.

Equally, some taskbar customisation options compromise other features. An example of this would be using small taskbar buttons. This, in Windows 10, disallows the use of badges—such as the one on your Windows 10 Mail app showing how many unread items there are in your inbox.

For this reason, I feel that Windows is considerably limited in its customisability. By contrast, Linux provides you with far more control over how your desktop acts, looks, and feels. Disappointment—no?

In spite of Microsoft’s limitations, though, there are useful things you can do with your Windows desktop. Furthermore, third-parties decided to join in on the fun by providing us with tools to expand Windows; we are hence blessed with taskbar customisation options not available before.

These are the 5 taskbar customisation tricks that you can employ to enhance your experience and potentially increase productivity.

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How to Beautifully Customise Taskbar Appearance

How to Beautifully Customise Taskbar Appearance

Update: Stick with me until the end of the post for a complementary video with more details.

The Secret to Making Everybody Like You

Perhaps, I am being a little too bold by claiming a good-looking taskbar improves your social status. On the other hand, when you customise taskbar appearance in Windows, it stands out of the crowd; nobody can ignore taskbar customisation because it is simply too cool.

Whenever your friends visit you at that “sick” party, they always ask you the very same question:

“How ‘sick’ is your taskbar customisation? Is it ‘sicker’ than slick?”My Customised Taskbar

Every single time, you fail to impress. You lose more friends than you gain. Therefore, you’ve made the smart choice to come to me for your relationship struggles.

Here, at Butary-Smoothe Raletionships, we offer a multitude of clean, quality advice ranging from:

  • Make your Windows computer taskbar aesthetically pleasing for your party guests.
  • That’s it.

The sales pitch does not lie, though. With TranslucentTB, you are free to improve the appearance of your taskbar. To be specific, you can:

  • Make the taskbar blurry.
  • Customise taskbar colour, separately from your Windows accent colour.
  • Customise taskbar transparency anywhere from entirely transparent to intensely opaque.
  • Only make the taskbar blurry/opaque/tinted when a window is maximised, otherwise transparent. Also, applications can be excluded from this rule.
  • Uniquely use your taskbar customisation settings when the Start menu is closed.
  • Actively customise taskbar appearance settings using the tray icon.

Admittedly, you could just read a revolutionary book and be done with it, but taskbar customisation is more fun.

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