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How to Learn Colemak Effectively: the Best Strategies

How to Learn Colemak Effectively: the Best Strategies

What is Colemak

If you’re here wondering what you are doing here, allow me to explain. A while back, this article outlined why we should all learn Colemak and forget about QWERTY. But before getting too far ahead of ourselves, what exactly is Colemak or other keyboard layouts?

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As we all know, the QWERTY keyboard layout is not at all optimal for the masses. This is due to the fact that the layout was initially designed for typewriters; it’s horribly outdated, given that there are significantly superior alternatives.

One superior alternative, for example, is the almighty Colemak. Conveniently enough, you don’t need to buy a new keyboard, but rather you’ll only need to install some free software. Simply follow the instructions on the website.

US Colemak Keyboard Layout

See page for author [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The benefits of Colemak we’ll cover later, though, it’s not as easy as studying the benefits on paper, immediately reaping them after. Conversely (and unfortunately), the process of learning the new layout can be rather laborious, long, and painful.You will undoubtedly want to give up. Trust me—I’m a professional.

It is now therefore unmistakable that a generous surplus of resilience is crucial to learn Colemak with success; in fact, any sort of respectable success demands perseverance.

In this article, I will reveal ways to learn Colemak effectively—and get proficient sooner. There might also be opportunities to minimise your tiresome struggles along the way…

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What is The Best Way to Search the Internet?

What is The Best Way to Search the Internet?

Are You Struggling to Find the Answers You Need?

We’ve all been in this terrifying situation: you’re searching for that nugget of information on the Internet. But nothing happens. In order to resolve our problems, it’s crucial we learn the best way to search the Internet—now.

With these search engine tips and tricks, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Information on the Internet

Search engines are a powerful tool, and there aren’t any questions surrounding that. Although, there does arise the question, do you know how to use search engines effectively? Effective utilisation of search engines invariably results in the best way to search the Internet, after all.

In fact, the chances are that there is an answer to your callings somewhere out there. “There” is a rather large place, however. So, to combat this we must narrow down our search results, increasing the likelihood of finding that buttery result.

Having said that, there should be no reason for you not to follow along; once you learn the secrets of the best way to search the Internet, there’s no going back. I guarantee it.

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9 Self-Control and Discipline Strategies: Break Free Now!

9 Self-Control and Discipline Strategies: Break Free Now!

Living in Monotony and Progress-Deficiency?

Don’t be the victim of scarce self-control and discipline; there are ways to improve your willpower such that you finally get the motivation to make progress towards utopia. In this article, we will be discussing willpower tricks as well as busting poisonous, self-defeating myths.

In fact, everybody suffers from resistance. It’s those who can handle it, however, who are able to do what others can’t be bothered to do. This is the secret to succeeding in life, since there’s little competition when you’re willing to do what others aren’t.

Do What Others Will Not and Succeed

Whether or not it seems feasible to you, there are ways you can boost your self-control and discipline–provided you supply the determination. And if for any reason you don’t have that, remind yourself of the reasons for developing self-control and discipline. Here is my comprehensive motivational list of determination-reasoning:

  • Defeat the competition
  • Infinite bragging rights
  • Have the potential to be insanely successful, that is, more than anyone else
  • Never again feel guilty for underachieving
  • Dominate the world
  • Never again be laughed at for not having the self-control and discipline to be worth anything
  • Laugh at everybody else because they are not nearly as successful as you
  • Achieve anything
  • Pull ahead of the race
  • Become rich
  • Live in a surplus of satisfaction

You’ve now developed that burning desire to become too superior for your feeble friends. (Congratulations!) As such, you are abundantly ready to receive the real deal. But first, we must understand the underlying, all-powerful law of willpower.

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MX27AQ Review: Perfect Monitor for Cheap Professionals

MX27AQ Review: Perfect Monitor for Cheap Professionals

The ASUS Designo MX27AQ 27-inch 1440p IPS Monitor


Verdict of the ASUS MX27AQ

If you’re a professional, this is a monitor which you must try out. In my opinion, there is no better monitor in the same class and at the same price-point.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Great value for the money
  • Ideal specification for prosumers
  • Brilliant sound quality for built-in speakers
  • Stylish design
  • Impressive, vibrant picture quality
  • Blue light filter and flicker-free technology ​

The negatives:

  • No USB hub
  • No height adjustment or pivot—only tilt
  • Might have dodgy pixels, if you’re unlucky ​

My Experience with Monitors: The Context

If you’re interested in acquiring a new computer monitor, I would advise you to read on. This is my ASUS MX27AQ review—an easily respectable monitor I’ve taken for a spin not one time, but two. Don’t worry, I’ll explain that sooner or later.

Dell U2414H

The Dell U2414H is excellent for viewing the Cryptic Butter video content.

Firstly, allow me to acquaint you with my personal experience with the MX27AQ. What was it about this monitor that made me want to part with my beautifully shiny pennies? I’ll tell you, since, after all, you do have that endearing little face that gets me every time.

At the time I was investigating monitors, I’d had a cheaper yet decent—notably reliable—monitor for many a year. This is the Dell U2414H if you’re interested; 1080p, 60Hz, 23.8″, IPS are the basic specs, though you can see the real deal at the Amazon link.

Moreover, having been released in 2013, this monitor is becoming rather dated. It is, nevertheless, something you can’t go wrong with, floating around that price point of minutely below £200.

If you’re a professional, productivity-fanatic, or someone who for whatever reason desires copious amounts of screen real estate, a single 24″ monitor is well below par. It is for this reason that I saw it a wise investment of my limited money to acquire a second, larger, better monitor. As a matter of fact, this is something you might want to consider.

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