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PC Building in 2018: How to Defeat the Infuriating Problems

PC Building in 2018: How to Defeat the Infuriating Problems

Why Would PC Building Be A Good Idea?

Before we step into the problems associated with PC building in 2018, why would it be a reasonable idea—ever? Well, it turns out that there is a multitude of various motives behind PC building.

It’s (Generally) Cheaper

Custom PC Building

Firstly, building your own desktop computer can be better value for your money than something pre-built. This seems reasonable since you are buying each component and assembling it yourself, not paying someone else to do so.

However, PC manufacturers such as Dell, ASUS, and even CyberPowerPC etc order OEM—original equipment manufacturer—components in bulk. OEM computer components tend to be cheaper per product, albeit they are exclusively intended for resale by another computer manufacturer. For example, Dell would buy Nvidia’s OEM graphics cards as opposed to the consumer models.

Don’t get excited too soon—while OEM product might be cheaper, they are certainly not better; unsurprisingly, these products come with no warranty even if you do get a hold of an OEM product. This is because the reseller of the product will provide a blanket warranty for the entirety of the computer system.

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These 15 Computer Shortcuts Explained Will Make Your Day

These 15 Computer Shortcuts Explained Will Make Your Day

About This List of Computer Shortcuts in Windows

Because Windows 10 has such a vast quantity of computer shortcuts, it makes sense to compile a list of them. However, any standard, regular list is rather boring, to say the least; I certainly don’t feel “empowered to do great things” with regards to computer shortcuts…

It’s for this reason that, in my previous article about Windows 10’s computer shortcuts, I gave away a mind-map. I must say that mind-maps are an excellent method of visualising information for an easier absorption of such.

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Ignorance and Confidence: How to Gain from Them

Ignorance and Confidence: How to Gain from Them

Firstly:  Ignorance is Not Bliss? Lies!

In this article, we will go into the depths of the secrets of ignorance and confidence—could there be a link? However, there’s one deal-breaking problem; there seems to be a plague bringing terror to the streets of our clean world…

This plague brings winds so rough that innocent people are consumed by tornados of misconceptions. In other words, there is a surplus population of those who perceive ignorance negatively. And where is their evidence exactly?


The evidence is biased, hence your conclusion is invalid.

Curiously, albeit not surprisingly, people seemingly cherry-pick certain situations which support their ideas. These scenarios, at first, appear to be convincing explanations for the deniers of the truth. Then these people, rather strikingly, draw the unjustified conclusion that ignorance is deplorable.

However, this is an extremely surface-level peek at the beautiful concept of ignorance. The only reason it’s viewed grudgingly is that society has learned the poisonous resentment of the unknown truth.

So, in order to get the most out of this article, you must initially open your mind up to the opportunities you’ve already denied yourself. As a matter of fact, our beliefs are poisonous, since they prevent us from—in many ways—progressing.

Next, having cleared that up and shoving it down the drain, why could ignorance possibly be bliss?

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Programming Benefits: Should You Join in on The Fun?

Programming Benefits: Should You Join in on The Fun?

Why You Should Care About the Computer Programming Benefits


That hacker is up to no good…

When you hear the words “computer programming” or “coding”, what comes to mind? Is it a mad hacker sitting in his mother’s dimly-lit basement, typing away on a laptop screen consumed by vivid green characters on a deadly black background? Or perhaps you envision a team of computer professionals behind approximately eighty 700-inch displays.


This is really scary stuff…

On the less extreme side of things, you might imagine a computer hobbyist programming a miniature robotic car. Innocently or, rather, maliciously—that choice is up to you.

No matter how you currently perceive computer programming, you must accept one fundamental truth: it is a broad field of many sports.

For this reason, you could never learn to programme and subsequently know how to do absolutely everything; there are a multitude of programming languages as well as platforms on which you develop software, algorithms, and whatnot. However, to keep this simple, we won’t delve too deep into the programming intricacies.

Instead, we will explore the programming benefits—and how you can benefit from programming as a computer enthusiast.

But don’t be mistaken. The programming benefits don’t necessarily require tireless days of continuous, laborious learning; conversely, depending on what your goal is, you might not need to learn much to do a lot.

Also, it’s—fortunately—not exceptionally difficult to get started with programming. This is because all you really need is a computer, some software, and some quality learning resources. Never, therefore, believe that you can never take advantage of the benefits of programming.

As a matter of fact, it’s super-easy to get started with programming, and the programming benefits are well worth your struggles.

So, let’s see why programming is such a useful skill.

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