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5 Useful Cross-Dominance Ideas 10% of People Will Love

5 Useful Cross-Dominance Ideas 10% of People Will Love

What is Cross-Dominance and Why Should You Care?

Cross-dominance is the fascinating phenomenon where one favours using each hand for separate tasks. To clarify, this is unlike having a single, dominant hand which is preferred for most tasks.

For example, a person with cross-dominance might favour writing with their right hand but rather brush their teeth with their left.

Cross-dominance of birds
Dominance amongst the birds.

Also, make that extra effort not to confuse cross-dominance with ambidexterity—for that is something completely different. Well, perhaps not exactly completely different.

Ambidexterity is the ability—natural or acquired—to use both sides of your body equally for all tasks at hand. That task doesn’t have to be at any particular hand, as ambidextrous people don’t have a dominant hand for anything.

If you’re one of the few who is ambidextrous, it isn’t merely the equality you’ve got between your hands. Rather, you have versatility between your hands, consequently enabling you to plough through inconsistent asymmetry, as we see too often.

Who doesn’t want to be shaking Elon Musk’s hand whilst writing all about how he’s taking us to other worlds?

Truly inspirational: Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

Sounds exceedingly convenient, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, we are here to talk about cross-dominance, not ambidexterity—that’s for another day, you see. Let me engage you with this simple, straightforward question, to begin with:

Do you often find yourself inconvenienced when your non-dominant hand would be better suited for the current situation?

If your answer is “yes” to this question, I suspect you are likely to be left-handed. (That doesn’t mean right-handed people cannot find themselves in the scenario described above, however.) In this case, you should by now be already convinced of why you should be cross-dominant.

After all, if certain tasks are better suited for your non-dominant hand, why not simply use it?

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Best Mouse for Programming 2018? You Need to See This!

Best Mouse for Programming 2018? You Need to See This!

The Best Mouse for Programmers of 2018

Logitech G502: The Best Mouse for Programming

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB (Wired) Mouse

Verdict of the Logitech G502

Boasting excellent value, This is the best mouse for programmers and power users in general: a must-try if you’re right-handed (or willing to use your right hand) and haven’t experienced a mouse quite like it.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable to use
  • Plenty of customisation (and productivity) with programmable buttons
  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • Good quality laser tracker
  • Adjustable weight

The negatives:

  • Right-handed only
  • Only ideal for stationary desktop work environments (wired)
  • Suboptimal feel of the scroll wheel
  • Middle click requires some good force
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5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why I Happily Block Ads

5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why I Happily Block Ads

Is it Okay to Block Ads?

Whether or not you should block ads (advertisements) is a considerably controversial question, with swarms of arguments for each side. I, myself, use an advertisement blocker when browsing the deep streets of the Internet quite happily, in fact.

Keep in mind that I indeed run this blog and note how I do not display tasteless banner ads.Blocking the Ads

Of course, not everybody thinks like me, which is why I’m supplying the reasons for why you should block ads. This is in face of the arguments for not blocking ads, thus I will attempt to directly oppose them.

But why would you not block ads online?

Certainly, this is a thoughtful question with some solid answers to it, too. To exemplify, here are a few reasonable arguments against the usage of ad blockers, and they all relate to revenue.

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How to Spot a Scam in 3 Simple Words

How to Spot a Scam in 3 Simple Words

Scams. What Are They?

In order to be able to spot a scam, you must first be able to identify what a scam is. Therefore, as always, let us refer to the good-old Oxford Dictionaries definition:

Definition of Scam

As you can clearly see, the term “scam” could cover an exceedingly wide range of activities. And rightly so, too, since scams can range from medical doughnuts to Nigerian princes. In this article, however, I’m going to focus on the phishing attempts that you might encounter as a technological user.

Even so, narrowing down to a specific category of scams, it’s not difficult to spot a scam. That is, if you look around hard enough, or perhaps by not even trying at all to spot a scam.

Do Not Fall For the Scam

Don’t be so quick to pop out your wallet.

This merely emphasises the problem that is scamming; if it is little trouble to spot a scam, they are evidently far more widespread than we would like. This is a terrible thing, as it indicates millions of undeserving victims having their personal information and/or finances shamelessly “repossessed”.

An honest living does not consist of cheating and avoiding the purposeful challenges of life.

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Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

The Future of the Space Industry Relies on Aspiration

Admittedly, there have been some noteworthy discoveries and achievements with regards to the wonders of space, in recent times. Nevertheless, I do not believe there has been anything sufficiently spectacular that it attracted the attention of the entire world. Do we, with that in mind, as humans, have anything ground-breaking for an exciting future of the space industry?

For example, the last revolutionary moment that demonstrated the promising future of the space industry was in 1969.

That’s almost 50 years ago, to clarify.

Moon Landings

This defining moment in the history of space travel truly captured the attention of the masses; even less space-savvy people could probably recall the first people to put forth boot upon the moon’s cheesy surface.

But where did the same aspiration go?

There hasn’t been an equally breath-taking event to justify anticipating the future of the space industry. That is, until now. It involves the coupling of aspiration and determination to provide a future of the space industry worthy of utmost elation.

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