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9 Effective Windows 10 Productivity Features for Beginners

9 Effective Windows 10 Productivity Features for Beginners

How to Use Windows 10 Productively, Effectively

Perhaps you’re a beginner to the productive wonders of your Windows 10 computer. Then this is the place to be: there are plenty of Windows 10 productivity features for all of the family to enjoy.

In my eyes, there are two ways one could approach work on a computer of any operating system. That is to say, not exclusively Windows 10.

Increase Your Windows 10 Productivity
  1. Sit down at your computer and use what you know to get stuff done. It doesn’t matter how (even if the method is inefficient), as long as it works.
  2. On the other hand, you could first invest the time learning Windows 10’s productivity features beforehand. As a result, you’ll save time in the long-term, and be happier and more confident in using Windows 10.

Also, you’d be delighted to hear that these 9 Windows 10 productivity features will increase your work output—no doubt.

Even if you feel confident and experienced using Windows 10, I bet there’s something here you’re not exploiting.

After all, productivity is all about exploiting techniques. Thus, if you truly want utmost productivity, you’ll always be in the search for handy little tips and tricks.

The secret is going fast, and when you can go fast, you go productive.

Luis Thiam-Nye 2018

Having made my pitch that this article truly is relevant—for you—on Cryptic Butter, let’s dive in immediately. Starting with the basics…

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How to Use Your Old Laptop as a Second Monitor (5 Ways)

How to Use Your Old Laptop as a Second Monitor (5 Ways)

Don’t Waste Your Old Laptop

So, you’re sitting in front of that snazzy, latest-and-greatest desktop (or laptop) computer. Meanwhile, your old laptop, lurking in the wardrobe, feels neglected and sad that you’ve excluded it from the fun-house.

That’s truly shameful—Lucius—that you would do such a thing!

Neglected Old Laptop

Especially so, once you think of the sheer volume of cash you sacrificed solely for that one laptop.

“Now it’s an old laptop, and nobody cares, yo, because I have dat bank pushing what it worth, brother.”

Incorrect, son (grammatically and conceptually). You’re putting a potential extra monitor to waste.

It’s highly important that we make our money go as far as the rainbows, hence today’s fun activity.

Today, I’ll teach you to revive your old laptop and finally make productive use out of it once again; we’re going to make your old laptop great again, that is to say.

In fact, I’ve been in this situation myself, when I essentially replaced my laptop with a more powerful, relevant desktop. Allow me to illustrate this picture a little better for you:

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7 Things I Liked About Windows 10 Mobile (Before it Died)

7 Things I Liked About Windows 10 Mobile (Before it Died)

Introduction to Windows 10 Mobile

Apple’s iPhones and the endless selection of Android phones first come to mind when you think of the word “smartphone.” In addition to this, you may have also heard of Windows 10 mobile—the OS for Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones.

Indeed, Microsoft has had a jolly old time in regard to mobile devices—in past years.

Close up of the the Microsoft Lumia 640 using Windows 10 Mobile
My Lumia 640

With the introduction and widespread usage of Android and iOS, though, Microsoft and brands such as Nokia suffered; from Windows Phone 7, 8, and 8.1, to Windows 10 mobile, they never quite obtained a significant market share.

Elaborating a bit more on Windows 10 mobile—that seemed to be another attempt to claw back your interest. Windows 10 mobile, after all, was designed for an ultimate cross-device experience.

Furthermore, with the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft really wanted to appeal to developers and consumers alike: the prospect of a single application that can run on multiple Windows platforms, with no problems?

I must say, that idea appealed to me, thus I dabbled in UWP app development for a while.

What’s more, when I went to buy myself I new phone, I looked at Windows 10 mobile. But why would I do this?

In this article, I’ll be outlining several reasons that pulled me into the Windows 10 mobile platform.

By the way, I’m using the Microsoft Lumia 640 (upgraded to Windows 10 mobile).

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Why I Abandoned Dual Boot and Finally Gained Back Freedom

Why I Abandoned Dual Boot and Finally Gained Back Freedom

My Journey Towards Using Dual Boot

Dual boot has, for an incredibly long time, been the way I had my computers set up.

To be honest, I am moderately obsessed with operating systems that look good and work well. (Okay, maybe not moderately, as such.)

Therefore, I obviously found my eye stuck on several Linux distributions over the years! The family of Windows operating systems had been my primary driver—for everything I do—since the beginning of time.

Quick: What is Dual Boot?

Dual Boot with Windows and Linux
Dual-booting with Windows and Linux is the most common dual boot configuration.

Fortunately, you’re not limited to installing just one operating system to your computer’s storage drive.

To demonstrate, multi-booting is the way in which you can boot into one of the installed OSs. A menu appearing when you turn on your computer is usually how you would select the OS.

In addition, perhaps the most widely-used form of this is dual boot: having 2 installed OSs to boot, typically Windows and Linux.

Read on in order to learn more about dual boot and its purpose in life.

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