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Should You Have Faith in Online Calendars? [Kill Procrastination]

Should You Have Faith in Online Calendars? [Kill Procrastination]

Why Would Calendars Avoid Procrastination Effectively?

If you’re not already using an online calendar, I genuinely hope this article will make you think again.

For now, however, we are not going to explore the benefits of specifically online calendars; that comes later. To begin with, why should we all be using any calendar at all?Excessive Confusion

The Problem of Procrastination and Productivity-Deficiency

The battle for productivity and against procrastination is an ongoing, ceaseless effort. That is to say, you will always encounter resistance when you need to get work done.

In order to reduce this friction, we must devise systems within our life. Why? Because your brain is flawed, imperfect, and exhaustible.

In many cases when we are given a decision, we often make the wrong choice. For example, if you have some free time, you may have quite a few options:

  • Send out some job applications because you’re unemployed
  • File your taxes, which you are late to do
  • Clean the dishes
  • Watch television for another ten hours
  • Eat pudding
  • Steal the neighbours’ Wi-Fi

Without an effective system, self-concept, and mindset, you would probably be likely to choose options 4–6. This is due to your natural tendency to gravitate towards easy things.

Consequently, the significantly more important, albeit more demanding, tasks take the back seat.

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Choosing a Monitor: 7 Lessons I Learned That Will Surprise You

Choosing a Monitor: 7 Lessons I Learned That Will Surprise You

The Dark Side of Choosing a Monitor (for Productivity)

What’s your process for choosing a monitor when you need it?

Big or small? High resolution or low resolution? Astonishing or affordable?My dual monitor setup involving my laptop and desktop side-by-side

Perhaps you do not even give the fine details of that intimidating specification sheet any substantial thought. Nevertheless, there is always something you may have not considered with regards to choosing a monitor.

Considering the scores of opportunities for customisation, the inevitability is that you could enjoy a variety of unique monitor setups; with no doubt, we are likely to find a multiplicity of absurd, dark, and
questionable monitor configurations.

That is—as long as you have the audacity to stride forth and search intensely.

Don’t worry though: thankfully, we will have no need to explore the intricacies of the dark web. Rather, today’s aim is to enlighten all of you avid enthusiasts by presenting numerous inspiring ideas regarding monitors.

Everything monitors.

And who knows? If you’re in the market for a brand-new monitor or something like that, this could open your mind to new potential! Having experienced the peaks and troughs of the rollercoaster of screens, I’m fairly confident I know the choices of monitors.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention—my tremendously tremendous ideas revolve around maximising productivity.

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Are Dual Monitors Worth It? [Don’t Make My Mistakes]

Are Dual Monitors Worth It? [Don’t Make My Mistakes]

The Question of Dual Monitors

Having seen the innumerable professionals claiming increased productivity with multi-monitor setups, you may be asking yourself one question; are dual monitors worth it for you?Are dual monitors worth it, some think so

Evidently, you must be viewing these words with some form of display, unless you’re listening to them. Perhaps, in some one-of-a-kind scenario, you are feeling these words—spiritually.

Sixth sense and all that, you know?

My point is: you have a monitor, so is it worth your time, money, and energy to go out there and buy a complementary monitor?

Also, if you aren’t already familiar, a dual monitor setup enables you to utilise the screen space of both. This
is from a single computer, too, much like extending your current monitor—to an extent(!)

Therefore, with the assistance of increased screen real estate, you can see more applications, tools, and content etc. Moreover, more stuff to see, in theory, leads to a big boost in productivity.

Or so you thought…

For you see, dual monitor setups may not always help us multitask—likewise—productivity. For this reason, “Are dual monitors worth it” suddenly becomes a substantially more complex, mind-boggling question.

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Harden Windows 10: 11 Important Things You Need (Right Now)

Harden Windows 10: 11 Important Things You Need (Right Now)

What Is Windows 10 Hardening and Why Should I Care?

In this day and age, cyber-security is an ever-present issue—and one not to be taken lightly. Accordingly, you would be wise to harden your Windows 10 computer against security vulnerabilities.CCTV Camera

(Of those running older versions of Windows, I ask the majority to move on and “get with the times.”)

You may be asking, however:

“But wait! I’m sure Microsoft is a big company and they know how to deal with them cyber-space threats, no?”

While Microsoft does go to plenty of effort to keep the latest version of Windows 10 secure, it’s not perfect. For example, the built-in security application—Windows Defender—is good, albeit substantially better alternatives can be found for free.

In fact, there is ample free software available on the Internet that will help with your Windows 10 hardening efforts. Boasting (not necessarily all of the time) better security, paid solutions also exist.

The Consequences of a “Soft” System

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