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Is It Possible for You to Be Productive All the Time? (Hint: Yes!)

Is It Possible for You to Be Productive All the Time? (Hint: Yes!)

What Does It Mean to Be Productive?

Before we discuss whether it is possible to be productive all the time (all day every day), what defines productivity? This is because I guarantee your definition of productivity will be different from mine.

In my eyes, I define productivity as follows:

The state of spending time wisely and as efficiently as possible, such that it serves one’s ideal goals.

As a result, productivity has a strong foundation in one’s ability to manage their time effectively; spending every second of every day sounds difficult, but I urge you to hang tight for now.

Also, note how my definition doesn’t explicitly pertain to 24 hours of intense work each day. In fact, it doesn’t even mention work at all!

It doesn’t even allude to results, but, rather, your goals.

And why is this? It is because productivity is more than just working hard and generating results. Conversely, productivity is when your time management strategy is in favour of:

  • Your short- and long-term happiness,
  • your overall life success
  • as well as your quality of life

To be productive all the time doesn’t equate to working painstaking 14-hour days and 100-hour weeks: above all, this contradicts happiness alongside your quality of life. It sounds like a shockingly sad life, despite any massive successes you may stumble upon.

It’s not possible to live an easy life, whilst being productive—sacrifice is a necessity. However, you can choose to be strategic with your time, studying hard and living happily.

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How to Stop Getting Carried Away in a Task and Delay It

How to Stop Getting Carried Away in a Task and Delay It

A Unique Type of Procrastination: Getting Carried Away in Work

Today, I’m going to show you an idea to help you stop getting carried away in almost any task. Wait, what? That’s right: stop reading that book, stop writing that essay, and stop doing your homework!

A workaholic staying in the office late after working hours
Don’t burn yourself out and respect your mental health.

Whilst attempting to end your procrastination, you might have stumbled upon the concept of “momentum”. In essence, this is what causes you to get carried away in work (in “the flow”).

In short, regular procrastination is due to the initial resistance of starting whatever task it is. However, once you do overcome that initial barrier, it becomes easier to continue working.

As indicated by homeostasis, humans—for the most part, at least—resist change. Learn more…

Of course, how long you can then hang onto a task depends on how often you practise doing unfavourable things; push yourself to do homework more frequently, and you slowly begin to accept it.

You may have overcome the initial procrastination, but what about the procrastination of stopping? That is to say, getting carried away so much that you resist stopping the task.

Also, note how this is a different way of looking at procrastination: when you just can’t stop getting carried away with something that will sabotage you. On the contrary, it’s typically seen as when you just can’t start an (intimidating) task.

I prefer the former since it is applicable to a wider range of scenarios.

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Why Is Time Management Important for Students?

Why Is Time Management Important for Students?

Effective Revision Techniques Are Not Enough

Poor people value money. Successful people value time.

Time management is important for students because you cannot have academic and career success without investing your time. What’s more, merely putting in the time will not suffice—you must learn to manage your time wisely.

But why? The immense importance of time management for students makes it an essential skill for any ambitious student.

Despite this, schools rarely ever provide solid and sane advice with regards to time management. Rubbish!

All they say is:

“Create a revision timetable and you’ll be fine!”

“Spend two hours each night revising”

“Motivate yourself—revise for twenty minutes then take a ten-minute break”

Oh, and then you’ll have to somehow find a way to factor in homework. Not to mention, the advice you’ve been given in the educational system is—most likely—vague and ambiguous.

You’re better than this.

As a result of following all of the wrong advice, you might just end up as an academic robot.

Not only is this so impractical that it will destroy you, but academia is not everything; there’s more to life than good grades and being trapped in dull 9-to-5 jobs. (We’ll speak more about this later.)

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5 of The Most Useful Mouse Macros for Work (on Windows 10)

5 of The Most Useful Mouse Macros for Work (on Windows 10)

Why You Need Macro Buttons on a Mouse

When I say give me all of your useful mouse macros, you might just jump up and scream:

Razer Orbweaver Chroma: A keypad of programmable macro buttons

“I love my countless programmable mouse buttons because they let me 360 no-scope that fool in Penguin Simulator 1995.”

Unfortunately for you, this is a place of work and productivity.

It’s not just “gamers” who benefit from having macro buttons on their mouse; conversely, programmers, computer enthusiasts alongside other power users can equally gain from such a treat.

32 weeks ago, you read about my take on the Logitech G502 Mouse. Despite its clear focus on the gaming demographic, it has—ironically—made my workflow more productive.

How come? To clarify, it has a multitude of useful macro buttons, which are easily accessible by your thumb. Accordingly, you can assign countless useful macro functions to the mouse.

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