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The (very passionate) community is identified by #roamcult

Where to Get Started Using Roam

I recommend this well-made and beginner-friendly Roam Untangled course by Jamie Miles, who has put a lot of thought and effort into making it feel polished, and easy to follow. (And it is free for now!)

Visit the link above to see my pitch for the course.

Useful Resources

This list is extremely far from exhaustive. The Roam landscape spans far and wide, thus it is difficult to keep up.

Some Extensions

  • Roam42 — many amazing things in one extension.
  • RoamJS — extensive library by David Vargas.
  • All Paths Lead to Roam by Azlen Elza (code) — highlights the path to the active block.
  • ViktoRoam by Viktor Tabori — collection of UX improvements including long-tap for context menu on mobile devices.
  • Roam Depot Developers graph — a community-maintained list of a good selection of useful scripts.

Workflow Examples

How to (Attempt to) Keep Up

  • Help database (tip: scroll the daily notes for recent changes to the graph).
  • Twitter is an important hub for the community. @conaw (the founder) is an interesting person to follow.
  • The Slack workspace

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