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Ultimate Checklist for the Best Initial Windows 10 Setup

Ultimate Checklist for the Best Initial Windows 10 Setup

Windows 10 is notorious for poor privacy.

Your Computer Has Just Finished Installing Windows 10…

Okay, so you’ve waited and waited, and finally, you are at the stage of Windows 10 setup. That is to say, you’re probably looking at a bright blue screen with Cortana shouting down your ear.

However, you might already have Windows 10 setup, in which case, you can follow the later steps. We will cover what you can do after the initial Windows 10 setup wizard has completed, so don’t worry.

Ultimately, this is a guide for configuring your Windows 10 computer in the best way—for privacy and security. Therefore, even if you don’t think there’s work to be done, there’s likely something you need to do right now.

Zucking Your Data
Microsoft will Zuck many more datas when someone new has Windows 10 setup

But why is it important to have a Windows 10 checklist to abide by? Well, this makes it super-easy to get up and running as soon as possible.

On top of that, these steps will guide you through the ways of giving Windows 10 some privacy and security. Unfortunately, Windows 10 is notorious for collecting swathes of potentially personally-identifying data.

This data is sufficiently bountiful such that it can reveal a scary and surprising amount about you. In fact, Microsoft is essentially building up their own, massive profile of you.

Do you really want this?

Also, it is a very good idea to configure Windows 10 for security. As a result, I promise you won’t have to worry nearly as much about being infected by malware; infections of any sort are astonishingly likely, no matter how careful you think you are online…

With that all in mind, let us subsequently, swiftly shuffle our way into the first step of many. This after Windows 10 has finished its installation, to clarify.

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5 Useful Cross-Dominance Ideas 10% of People Will Love

5 Useful Cross-Dominance Ideas 10% of People Will Love

What is Cross-Dominance and Why Should You Care?

Cross-dominance is the fascinating phenomenon where one favours using each hand for separate tasks. To clarify, this is unlike having a single, dominant hand which is preferred for most tasks.

For example, a person with cross-dominance might favour writing with their right hand but rather brush their teeth with their left.

Cross-dominance of birds
Dominance amongst the birds.

Also, make that extra effort not to confuse cross-dominance with ambidexterity—for that is something completely different. Well, perhaps not exactly completely different.

Ambidexterity is the ability—natural or acquired—to use both sides of your body equally for all tasks at hand. That task doesn’t have to be at any particular hand, as ambidextrous people don’t have a dominant hand for anything.

If you’re one of the few who is ambidextrous, it isn’t merely the equality you’ve got between your hands. Rather, you have versatility between your hands, consequently enabling you to plough through inconsistent asymmetry, as we see too often.

Who doesn’t want to be shaking Elon Musk’s hand whilst writing all about how he’s taking us to other worlds?

Truly inspirational: Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

Sounds exceedingly convenient, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, we are here to talk about cross-dominance, not ambidexterity—that’s for another day, you see. Let me engage you with this simple, straightforward question, to begin with:

Do you often find yourself inconvenienced when your non-dominant hand would be better suited for the current situation?

If your answer is “yes” to this question, I suspect you are likely to be left-handed. (That doesn’t mean right-handed people cannot find themselves in the scenario described above, however.) In this case, you should by now be already convinced of why you should be cross-dominant.

After all, if certain tasks are better suited for your non-dominant hand, why not simply use it?

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How to Spot a Scam in 3 Simple Words

How to Spot a Scam in 3 Simple Words

Scams. What Are They?

In order to be able to spot a scam, you must first be able to identify what a scam is. Therefore, as always, let us refer to the good-old Oxford Dictionaries definition:

Definition of Scam

As you can clearly see, the term “scam” could cover an exceedingly wide range of activities. And rightly so, too, since scams can range from medical doughnuts to Nigerian princes. In this article, however, I’m going to focus on the phishing attempts that you might encounter as a technological user.

Even so, narrowing down to a specific category of scams, it’s not difficult to spot a scam. That is, if you look around hard enough, or perhaps by not even trying at all to spot a scam.

Do Not Fall For the Scam

Don’t be so quick to pop out your wallet.

This merely emphasises the problem that is scamming; if it is little trouble to spot a scam, they are evidently far more widespread than we would like. This is a terrible thing, as it indicates millions of undeserving victims having their personal information and/or finances shamelessly “repossessed”.

An honest living does not consist of cheating and avoiding the purposeful challenges of life.

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These 15 Computer Shortcuts Explained Will Make Your Day

These 15 Computer Shortcuts Explained Will Make Your Day

About This List of Computer Shortcuts in Windows

Because Windows 10 has such a vast quantity of computer shortcuts, it makes sense to compile a list of them. However, any standard, regular list is rather boring, to say the least; I certainly don’t feel “empowered to do great things” with regards to computer shortcuts…

It’s for this reason that, in my previous article about Windows 10’s computer shortcuts, I gave away a mind-map. I must say that mind-maps are an excellent method of visualising information for an easier absorption of such.

Related Read: How to Navigate Windows 10: 123 Most Valuable Shortcuts

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How to Learn Colemak Effectively: the Best Strategies

How to Learn Colemak Effectively: the Best Strategies

What is Colemak

If you’re here wondering what you are doing here, allow me to explain. A while back, this article outlined why we should all learn Colemak and forget about QWERTY. But before getting too far ahead of ourselves, what exactly is Colemak or other keyboard layouts?

Related Read: Typing Proficiency: How to Boost Your Productivity

As we all know, the QWERTY keyboard layout is not at all optimal for the masses. This is due to the fact that the layout was initially designed for typewriters; it’s horribly outdated, given that there are significantly superior alternatives.

One superior alternative, for example, is the almighty Colemak. Conveniently enough, you don’t need to buy a new keyboard, but rather you’ll only need to install some free software. Simply follow the instructions on the website.

US Colemak Keyboard Layout

See page for author [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The benefits of Colemak we’ll cover later, though, it’s not as easy as studying the benefits on paper, immediately reaping them after. Conversely (and unfortunately), the process of learning the new layout can be rather laborious, long, and painful.You will undoubtedly want to give up. Trust me—I’m a professional.

It is now therefore unmistakable that a generous surplus of resilience is crucial to learn Colemak with success; in fact, any sort of respectable success demands perseverance.

In this article, I will reveal ways to learn Colemak effectively—and get proficient sooner. There might also be opportunities to minimise your tiresome struggles along the way…

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What is The Best Way to Search the Internet?

What is The Best Way to Search the Internet?

Are You Struggling to Find the Answers You Need?

We’ve all been in this terrifying situation: you’re searching for that nugget of information on the Internet. But nothing happens. In order to resolve our problems, it’s crucial we learn the best way to search the Internet—now.

With these search engine tips and tricks, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Information on the Internet

Search engines are a powerful tool, and there aren’t any questions surrounding that. Although, there does arise the question, do you know how to use search engines effectively? Effective utilisation of search engines invariably results in the best way to search the Internet, after all.

In fact, the chances are that there is an answer to your callings somewhere out there. “There” is a rather large place, however. So, to combat this we must narrow down our search results, increasing the likelihood of finding that buttery result.

Having said that, there should be no reason for you not to follow along; once you learn the secrets of the best way to search the Internet, there’s no going back. I guarantee it.

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How to Navigate Windows 10: 123 Most Valuable Shortcuts

How to Navigate Windows 10: 123 Most Valuable Shortcuts

The Secret to Ultimate Windows 10 ProficiencyIncrease Your Windows 10 Productivity

Do you want to learn the one thing that can accelerate your productivity when using Windows 10? In that case, you’ll need to know how to navigate Windows 10 proficiently, and keyboard shortcuts are the solution. This is because they allow rapid access to Windows 10 functions without moving the cursor.

For you see, solely using your mouse and neglecting keyboard shortcuts puts the brakes on your productivity: you consume an awful amount of time dragging that cursor from one end of the screen to the other. Not to mention, you mustn’t forget the time spent clicking buttons.

Keyboard shortcuts are essential to efficiently navigate Windows 10. Moreover, they are at the heart of proficiently using computers as a whole. Therefore, I have an article with a free downloadable infographic about editing text with shortcuts.

This time though, we will be focusing exclusively on how to navigate Windows 10; I will walk you through all the keyboard shortcuts you need to know in order to make the most of your Windows operating system.

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You “Actually” Need Photoshop, But is Paint Better Value?

You “Actually” Need Photoshop, But is Paint Better Value?

Update: Stick with me until the end of the post for a complementary video for your learning convenience.

Do You Really Need Photoshop to Be Professional?

Perhaps you are considering re-mortgaging your house, so you can afford a decent image editor. What if I told you that you might not actually need Photoshop to fulfil your demand? In fact, Photoshop is not essential for most people in the least.

If any of the below describes your needs, I can guarantee you don’t need Photoshop for any graphical work:

  • Superior graphics for your personal brand.
  • Graphics for a blog or social media.
  • A logo for a generic online account.Cryptic Butter
  • Diagrams for presentations or whatnot.
  • The ability to execute simple operations, such as cropping and combining photos.
  • Occasional drawings for whatever you need.

To illustrate my point, take a glance at my website; I’ve never used Photoshop to create graphics for this professional website, despite its brilliance. For example, analyse the elegance of the Cryptic Butter logo because I doubt you’d believe I created that 100% using MS Paint.

On my posts, too, I sometimes use my own drawings to visualise my words. Go and read this post, and this one—and don’t forget this one—to see the evidence. In some cases, I even make the main post featured image solely in MS (Microsoft) Paint.

Of course, I will never need Photoshop. I’ll never need to touch it, and neither will you.

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4 Incredible Taskbar Customisation Tricks You Need to Know

4 Incredible Taskbar Customisation Tricks You Need to Know

Jazz Up Your Windows Desktop

Personally, I believe that the default Windows taskbar is not optimal. Fortunately for you, however, this is an issue that, to an extent, can be solved. In this article, I will highlight the taskbar customisation tricks that you can use to add a sprinkle of pizzazz to your Windows desktop.
Don’t you sometimes get bored of the suboptimal, bog-standard taskbar? If you do, you’ll likely adjust the personalisation settings: the colour, tray icons, pinned items, labels, icon size, position, and so on.

Rather inconveniently, Windows does not offer boggling quantities of taskbar customisation built-in. It’s not like you can easily adjust the transparency of the taskbar, for example.

Equally, some taskbar customisation options compromise other features. An example of this would be using small taskbar buttons. This, in Windows 10, disallows the use of badges—such as the one on your Windows 10 Mail app showing how many unread items there are in your inbox.

For this reason, I feel that Windows is considerably limited in its customisability. By contrast, Linux provides you with far more control over how your desktop acts, looks, and feels. Disappointment—no?

In spite of Microsoft’s limitations, though, there are useful things you can do with your Windows desktop. Furthermore, third-parties decided to join in on the fun by providing us with tools to expand Windows; we are hence blessed with taskbar customisation options not available before.

These are the 5 taskbar customisation tricks that you can employ to enhance your experience and potentially increase productivity.

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How to Beautifully Customise Taskbar Appearance

How to Beautifully Customise Taskbar Appearance

Update: Stick with me until the end of the post for a complementary video with more details.

The Secret to Making Everybody Like You

Perhaps, I am being a little too bold by claiming a good-looking taskbar improves your social status. On the other hand, when you customise taskbar appearance in Windows, it stands out of the crowd; nobody can ignore taskbar customisation because it is simply too cool.

Whenever your friends visit you at that “sick” party, they always ask you the very same question:

“How ‘sick’ is your taskbar customisation? Is it ‘sicker’ than slick?”My Customised Taskbar

Every single time, you fail to impress. You lose more friends than you gain. Therefore, you’ve made the smart choice to come to me for your relationship struggles.

Here, at Butary-Smoothe Raletionships, we offer a multitude of clean, quality advice ranging from:

  • Make your Windows computer taskbar aesthetically pleasing for your party guests.
  • That’s it.

The sales pitch does not lie, though. With TranslucentTB, you are free to improve the appearance of your taskbar. To be specific, you can:

  • Make the taskbar blurry.
  • Customise taskbar colour, separately from your Windows accent colour.
  • Customise taskbar transparency anywhere from entirely transparent to intensely opaque.
  • Only make the taskbar blurry/opaque/tinted when a window is maximised, otherwise transparent. Also, applications can be excluded from this rule.
  • Uniquely use your taskbar customisation settings when the Start menu is closed.
  • Actively customise taskbar appearance settings using the tray icon.

Admittedly, you could just read a revolutionary book and be done with it, but taskbar customisation is more fun.

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