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Is It Possible for You to Be Productive All the Time? (Hint: Yes!)

Is It Possible for You to Be Productive All the Time? (Hint: Yes!)

What Does It Mean to Be Productive?

Before we discuss whether it is possible to be productive all the time (all day every day), what defines productivity? This is because I guarantee your definition of productivity will be different from mine.

In my eyes, I define productivity as follows:

The state of spending time wisely and as efficiently as possible, such that it serves one’s ideal goals.

As a result, productivity has a strong foundation in one’s ability to manage their time effectively; spending every second of every day sounds difficult, but I urge you to hang tight for now.

Also, note how my definition doesn’t explicitly pertain to 24 hours of intense work each day. In fact, it doesn’t even mention work at all!

It doesn’t even allude to results, but, rather, your goals.

And why is this? It is because productivity is more than just working hard and generating results. Conversely, productivity is when your time management strategy is in favour of:

  • Your short- and long-term happiness,
  • your overall life success
  • as well as your quality of life

To be productive all the time doesn’t equate to working painstaking 14-hour days and 100-hour weeks: above all, this contradicts happiness alongside your quality of life. It sounds like a shockingly sad life, despite any massive successes you may stumble upon.

It’s not possible to live an easy life, whilst being productive—sacrifice is a necessity. However, you can choose to be strategic with your time, studying hard and living happily.

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Why This Sleep Tracking Smartwatch Will Enlighten You (Fitbit Versa Review)

Why This Sleep Tracking Smartwatch Will Enlighten You (Fitbit Versa Review)

The Best Value Sleep Tracking Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa

Providing a solid load of useful features at such an affordable price, the Fitbit Versa is certainly a superior option for those wishing for sleep-tracking excellence—despite the few problems.


You Know Less About Last Night Than You Think

As we all know, sleep is paramount for a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle. Alas, it is equally obscure to us, since we’re not really fully conscious when we engage in such activity. This problematic reality, though, can be changed with the help of a sleep tracking smartwatch!

Otherwise, you are left guessing how long you slept based on when you got into bed and when you awoke. Obviously, this will produce inevitable inaccuracies regarding the under/overestimation of the time it takes for you to get to sleep.

Make sure that you get enough good sleep

Sure, while you could take the average time (about fourteen minutes or so), it’s merely an average. In other words, everyone is different, so you need to find out your sleep patterns specifically.

Moreover, even if you can accurately estimate how long you’ve slept, that’s still not the whole story. For instance, there is no concrete indication of your quality of sleep.

Even if you get plenty of time in bed, that does not mean that your sleep quality is optimal.

Sleep stages—the phases of sleep we go through each night—also play a key role in all of this. And it’s important that you have an awareness of it.

Before we begin looking at a sleep tracking smartwatch, let’s first see how they can benefit you.

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55 Productive Things to Do in 2019 (The Best of 2018)

55 Productive Things to Do in 2019 (The Best of 2018)

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Count

I do not subscribe to the concept of embracing these rare “new year’s resolutions” (because these annual promises don’t work). In spite of that, you might as well take advantage of the moment as an opportunity to exceed 2018’s efforts. And what better way to do that than by establishing an assortment of productive things to do this year?

Don't waste your time and make sure you have a list of productive things to do in 2019

For you see, this year, you’re going to become more productive than ever. In order to do that, you can use the following list of productive things to do as mere inspiration.

Perhaps you would want to create a grand to-do list outlining all the achievements that you wish to make. For example, these might include:

  • Actionable pieces (so, productive things for you to do)
  • Long-term goals that help you achieve what you want in life (such as better social skills)
  • Commitment to routines as well as new habits
  • Commitment to breaking detrimental habits

Furthermore, the high-achiever to desires to out-do their previous last year’s self by a factor of 30. Accordingly, they must go one step further: treat their annual goals as a minimum, and not hesitating to pursue any more important tasks that come their way.

Are you a high-achiever?

If you answer ‘no’, I would advise you to use 2019 as a time to change; see it as if it is to be a monumental turning point in your life!

So, let us look back in the Cryptic Butter archive for actionable, productive things you can do in 2019…

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My Tremendous List of Everything I Have and Love to Use

My Tremendous List of Everything I Have and Love to Use

(Almost) Everything I Have or Use, Regardless of Relevance

What better way is there to start the new year than an inexhaustive list of everything?

To clarify, my list of everything will only cover that which I consider interesting enough to share; so, don’t expect me to be listing “6mm × 12mm Hex-Socket Button-Head Steel Dome Bolt” anytime soon.

Rather, perhaps you might spot something astonishing that you might want to take a slice of. Of that which you didn’t know about before, perhaps there is something here that you would find tremendously useful.

Moreover, treat this page as one of reference. This is because I will certainly come back now and again to update it will the latest gizmos.

And, finally, thank you for using the (affiliate) links provided below. Accordingly, I may receive a small commission when you use the mentioned products/services at no additional cost for you.

Visit the wonderful Cryptic Butter resources page for recommendations, too!

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How to Take Advantage of One-Handed Typing (The Best Ways)

How to Take Advantage of One-Handed Typing (The Best Ways)

What is This “One-Handed Typing”?

You would probably have not considered one-handed typing before. That is unless you’re unfortunate enough to only have one suitable typing hand.

We all must use one hand on the keyboard with the other hand on the mouse
That moment when your mouse-hand is using the mouse…

At any rate, one-handed typing is—for the most part—just as it sounds; you use one hand alone to type out all the juicy words you need glittering on your computer screen.

For example, this might involve either your left or right hand sweeping over the maze that is your regular keyboard. On the other hand, a specialist keyboard could work even more effectively, as the keys are better compacted.

At this point, most of you will most likely be bored out of your refrigerator. I implore you, nonetheless, to hang on tight!

With dominating interest for one-handed typing, the less able among us are forced to use unconventional typing methods. Despite this, the vast majority of us (with two capable hands) can still take advantage of one-handed typing.

Also—simply as a disclaimer—I am writing this article predominantly for the two-handed computer-text-producers. That being said, others may gain various tips, learning about useful tools, regardless.

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Spend Money Wisely: 3 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying

Spend Money Wisely: 3 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying

Learn This Truth and You’ll Have No Regrets

Don’t we all just love the sensation of buying something new? However, whether it’s a graphics card or cable ties you would always want to spend money wisely.Endless stacks of money

Alas, not everyone knows the trick of this trade (spending money wisely). By contrast, you can learn to effectively control your wallet’s output.

Temptingly easy to fall into, we must first conquer a commonly used methodology applied to innumerable purchases around the globe. When you go out to buy something, do you know what you’re looking for? And, by that, I really mean: do you know what exactly you are looking to buy?

After all, if your desire is to spend money wisely, you’ll obviously need to know what you’re spending it on!

For example, violently grabbing your eye, you might come across a nifty little smart gadget on the dark web. Despite just encountered the device, you sprinkle money all over that brand with a vast spade. But here’s the deal—you did not know what you were buying.

In brief, my primary point here is to emphasise that you spend money wisely when you know what you’re spending it on. Therefore, the straightforward steps that follow reinforce this idea.

In other words, they will help you tremendously in deciding what to buy.

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How to Sleep Easily for More Happiness and Better Focus

How to Sleep Easily for More Happiness and Better Focus

Why Do You Need More Sleep?

If you can get to sleep easily during the day, there's probably something wrong

You don’t want to get to sleep that easily!

Sleep deprivation is common amongst many people, proving the difficulty in getting to sleep easily. What’s more, it’s not rare—at all—to come across the person who doesn’t truly understand the importance of sleep.

Sleep is indisputably invaluably important.

And the research shows this. However, our modern world in which we live today does not.

Why is this? It is because our society is ‘always awake’, so to speak; everywhere you go, there will be buzz as well as novelty—i.e. distractions.

Moreover, in a world driven by technology, there is no ‘off’ switch by default. For example, people are constantly dwelling upon countless yet frivolous activities, such as:

  • Exploring social media
  • Managing emails and other communications
  • Consuming information content
  • Otherwise surfing the Internet or using electronic devices

These technological factors contribute massively to people not getting sufficient sleep easily: too many late nights with your preferred source of procrastination! Naturally, sleep should be easy to obtain, right?

Well, in an unmercifully overengineered habitat, it is crucial that we first add to remove. In other words, take extra measures to reverse the effects of an environment promoting procrastination and condemning productivity.

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7 Online Productivity Tools: Never Waste Your Time Again

7 Online Productivity Tools: Never Waste Your Time Again

These Online Productivity Tools Make Things Easy (Trust Me)

Indeed, there are copious components creating the perfect, productive life. But computerised, online productivity tools are the most fun for increasing your productivity.

Crazy computer geek using too many monitors

You don’t need 15 monitors to be productive. All it takes is some quality productivity tools!

Not to mention, these fancy, electronic techniques—once mastered—make productivity a breeze.

(That being said, the effort still needs to ultimately come from you. Techniques such as the shortly following online productivity tools will only make things easier.)

Well-built systems can give you the motivation to be productive, without a doubt.

Likewise, poorly-built systems, or—even worse—a lack thereof, brews up the overwhelming enemy of productivity: procrastination.

Not knowing what to do next encourages idleness. By contrast, a detailed, clear, and concise plan keeps you on track (provided the absence of distractions.)

My personal organisation/productivity system relies on a large number of what I’ll refer to as “online productivity tools”.

The reason for this is that they provide a system for me to dump and organise information effectively. In addition to that, they use the cloud, putting the Internet to constructive use.

Accordingly, I am able to access information stored on said online productivity tools from basically anywhere. This certainly helps when I’m using two devices simultaneously.

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Ignorance and Confidence: How to Gain from Them

Ignorance and Confidence: How to Gain from Them

Firstly:  Ignorance is Not Bliss? Lies!

In this article, we will go into the depths of the secrets of ignorance and confidence—could there be a link? However, there’s one deal-breaking problem; there seems to be a plague bringing terror to the streets of our clean world…

This plague brings winds so rough that innocent people are consumed by tornados of misconceptions. In other words, there is a surplus population of those who perceive ignorance negatively. And where is their evidence exactly?


The evidence is biased, hence your conclusion is invalid.

Curiously, albeit not surprisingly, people seemingly cherry-pick certain situations which support their ideas. These scenarios, at first, appear to be convincing explanations for the deniers of the truth. Then these people, rather strikingly, draw the unjustified conclusion that ignorance is deplorable.

However, this is an extremely surface-level peek at the beautiful concept of ignorance. The only reason it’s viewed grudgingly is that society has learned the poisonous resentment of the unknown truth.

So, in order to get the most out of this article, you must initially open your mind up to the opportunities you’ve already denied yourself. As a matter of fact, our beliefs are poisonous, since they prevent us from—in many ways—progressing.

Next, having cleared that up and shoving it down the drain, why could ignorance possibly be bliss?

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Programming Benefits: Should You Join in on The Fun?

Programming Benefits: Should You Join in on The Fun?

Why You Should Care About the Computer Programming Benefits


That hacker is up to no good…

When you hear the words “computer programming” or “coding”, what comes to mind? Is it a mad hacker sitting in his mother’s dimly-lit basement, typing away on a laptop screen consumed by vivid green characters on a deadly black background? Or perhaps you envision a team of computer professionals behind approximately eighty 700-inch displays.


This is really scary stuff…

On the less extreme side of things, you might imagine a computer hobbyist programming a miniature robotic car. Innocently or, rather, maliciously—that choice is up to you.

No matter how you currently perceive computer programming, you must accept one fundamental truth: it is a broad field of many sports.

For this reason, you could never learn to programme and subsequently know how to do absolutely everything; there are a multitude of programming languages as well as platforms on which you develop software, algorithms, and whatnot. However, to keep this simple, we won’t delve too deep into the programming intricacies.

Instead, we will explore the programming benefits—and how you can benefit from programming as a computer enthusiast.

But don’t be mistaken. The programming benefits don’t necessarily require tireless days of continuous, laborious learning; conversely, depending on what your goal is, you might not need to learn much to do a lot.

Also, it’s—fortunately—not exceptionally difficult to get started with programming. This is because all you really need is a computer, some software, and some quality learning resources. Never, therefore, believe that you can never take advantage of the benefits of programming.

As a matter of fact, it’s super-easy to get started with programming, and the programming benefits are well worth your struggles.

So, let’s see why programming is such a useful skill.

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