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There are multiple ways in which supportive people like you can help the growth of Cryptic Butter.

This websites uses affiliate links and earns compensation when you click that link and buy the product or service. However, the brilliant thing is that you don’t pay anything extra! So, why not look through my resources page where many (not all) featured items use affiliate links.

Also, you can buy any Amazon product using the Amazon affiliate link for the UK, the US, or Canada.

Buy Overpriced (and Reasonably Priced) Goodies

See my Zazzle storefront for Cryptic Butter branded products such as mugs, caps, hats, and even clocks. Anyone who buys any of my overpriced products (the royalty on those is 99%, 100× the base price) gets something special (no guarantee). Luckily, though, I won’t have to worry about that anytime soon.

Promote the Content

In fact, the most helpful thing you could do is spread the word of the Butter. Promote the Cryptic Butter content and increase the power the butter possesses.

On Steemit and other Steem platforms you can upvote my content. Not only will you get a reward in Steem (a cryptocurrency which you can convert into fiat money), but I will also take a share of the rewards. The reward distribution occurs 7 days after the release of a post.

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