Bored of the Same Routine Every Day? This Is What You Can Do

Bored of the Same Routine Every Day? This Is What You Can Do

Inevitably, when you start adopting the plethora of productivity techniques ever created, something will happen: your life becomes rather routine. So, let me show you how you can stop being bored with the same routine every day.

Techniques such as the Pomodoro technique, time blocking, as well as the highly praised morning routine all get plenty of attention. What is more, the spectrum of time management techniques is spectacularly diverse.

Although, take the majority of these techniques, and you will find that they all have something in common:

Those productivity tips all add structure to your life in one way or another.

(Structure, here, is the key concept — without it, you would not get bored with your day-to-day dwellings.)

Indeed, I encourage the use of the Pomodoro technique and such, but please don’t mistake me for being contradictory.

Mixing structure and variety is a balancing act. Nonetheless, it is certainly something you cannot afford to ignore when conducting your daily planning.

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My Top 10 Ways to Prevent Burnout That Will Make You Remarkable

My Top 10 Ways to Prevent Burnout That Will Make You Remarkable

Burnout is a mission-critical issue. However, luck has it that there are ways to prevent burnout before you succumb to your fatigue.

To clarify, it is the unfortunate result of overworking and excessively exerting barrels of willpower: the mental state whereby you are magically unable to be the most productive person you can be.

Therefore, you should manage your time wisely such that burnout is a mere non-issue.

Dealing with Study Burnout (Especially Before Exams)

As a student, burnout may be an ever more frightening problem for your mental health. Not to mention, your exam success.

So, you must take precautions to prevent burning out as a result of too much studying.

Of course, silently approaching you from the corner, exams put more and more pressure on you: your mental performance as well as your emotional management. After all, exam stress isn’t particularly uncommon.

Thanks to burnout, here’s the paradox: the more you study, the less able you are to study.

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Is It Possible for You to Be Productive All the Time? (Hint: Yes!)

Is It Possible for You to Be Productive All the Time? (Hint: Yes!)

What Does It Mean to Be Productive?

Before we discuss whether it is possible to be productive all the time (all day every day), what defines productivity? This is because I guarantee your definition of productivity will be different from mine.

In my eyes, I define productivity as follows:

The state of spending time wisely and as efficiently as possible, such that it serves one’s ideal goals.

As a result, productivity has a strong foundation in one’s ability to manage their time effectively; spending every second of every day sounds difficult, but I urge you to hang tight for now.

Also, note how my definition doesn’t explicitly pertain to 24 hours of intense work each day. In fact, it doesn’t even mention work at all!

It doesn’t even allude to results, but, rather, your goals.

And why is this? It is because productivity is more than just working hard and generating results. Conversely, productivity is when your time management strategy is in favour of:

  • Your short- and long-term happiness,
  • your overall life success
  • as well as your quality of life

To be productive all the time doesn’t equate to working painstaking 14-hour days and 100-hour weeks: above all, this contradicts happiness alongside your quality of life. It sounds like a shockingly sad life, despite any massive successes you may stumble upon.

It’s not possible to live an easy life, whilst being productive—sacrifice is a necessity. However, you can choose to be strategic with your time, studying hard and living happily.

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