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Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

The Future of the Space Industry Relies on Aspiration

Admittedly, there have been some noteworthy discoveries and achievements with regards to the wonders of space, in recent times. Nevertheless, I do not believe there has been anything sufficiently spectacular that it attracted the attention of the entire world. Do we, with that in mind, as humans, have anything ground-breaking for an exciting future of the space industry?

For example, the last revolutionary moment that demonstrated the promising future of the space industry was in 1969.

That’s almost 50 years ago, to clarify.

Moon Landings

This defining moment in the history of space travel truly captured the attention of the masses; even less space-savvy people could probably recall the first people to put forth boot upon the moon’s cheesy surface.

But where did the same aspiration go?

There hasn’t been an equally breath-taking event to justify anticipating the future of the space industry. That is, until now. It involves the coupling of aspiration and determination to provide a future of the space industry worthy of utmost elation.

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