How to Arrange Dual Monitors to Your Advantage

How to Arrange Dual Monitors to Your Advantage

The Best Dual Monitor Setup for You

This is supposed to be a handy, on-demand guide for power users such as programmers to discover their optimal dual monitor placement. Nonetheless, this article contains relevant guidance for single-monitor setups as well.

Ergonomics are just as important as productivity—if not more important. Therefore, I have written this guide to emphasise how you should best arrange dual monitors in your computer desk setup.

To illustrate the need for an ergonomic workstation, imagine the worst possible ergonomic scenario:

How to arrange dual monitors as a programmer for maximum enjoyment
One you’ve can arrange dual monitors effectively, you can sit back and relax…
  • You spend 21 hours a day in front of a computer screen due to your programming profession
  • During this time, your posture is absolutely and undeniably terrible
  • It’s a dark room, meanwhile, your dual monitors are illuminating your desk
  • Having your eyes sit two mere inches from the display is not healthy

Evidently, in a world dominated by computer technology, it becomes imperative to take ergonomic precautions as a computer enthusiast.

In addition, arranging your dual monitors diligently enough might actually increase your productivity! After all, the organisation of your workspace translates into how efficiently you can work.

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