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Avoid the News! 5 Tragic Reasons Why It’s Wasting Your Time

Avoid the News! 5 Tragic Reasons Why It’s Wasting Your Time

With a world more interconnected than ever, there is consequently more and more information to process; an abundance of data flying around as freely as light necessitates the consideration to avoid the news.

Given that news consumption can absorb a significant portion of a person’s life, its effects on productivity are a concern; people spend extraordinary stretches of time “keeping up to date” yet the benefit-to-time-invested ratio is incredibly poor.

Nevertheless, people — maybe you — will argue that it is important to stay current with worldly matters. After all, how else are you going to vote strategically?

In fact, I would argue that avoiding political news would actually lead to a more intelligent vote. We’ll see why that is later…

For this topic, I have split the contents into two main parts: why the news is largely unhelpful and why it is possible to avoid the news. In this article, I will put forth my argument as to why you should unhesitatingly shut off BBC News right away!

(So, prepare for a follow up to this article!)

Why we should avoid the news — it is a waste of time
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