Study Techniques for Memorization That Will Make You Flawless

Study Techniques for Memorization That Will Make You Flawless

Today, I shall present to you some invaluable study techniques for the memorisation of knowledge you need for your exams. After all, we’ve all been in that position where we forgot that crucial fact, necessary for answering a question.

Having guaranteed access to a fact (in your mind) could be the catalyst for everything else to follow; from a single piece of factual information, you could use your general understanding to prove your capability in an exam.

Subjects including the sciences and the mathematics may be obvious exemplars of the power of memorisation. Certainly, formulas are essential in ensuring your calculation makes sense.

Nonetheless, practically every other subject has key cornerstones which you could memorise to support the mass of your remaining understanding.

As a result, you better be learning some fast memorisation techniques as a student before it’s too late!

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Are You Ill-Prepared for Exams? Read This Quickly

Are You Ill-Prepared for Exams? Read This Quickly

Indeed, it is that time of year again when the strike of a gong will soon commence the commonly dreaded: exam season.

During this difficult time, you may find yourself spending countless hours studying without ceasing. Cramming before exam-ing, so they say (?)

Undoubtedly, this might be a nightmarishly hard time of the year due to your burning obsession to succeed. What’s more, this is especially true when given that you haven’t done as much revision in advance as you should have.

However, today I’m going to share with you a few key last-minute exam revision tips; these will help you use your time as effectively as time permits to cram those facts in your head!

The Fundamental Building Blocks of Effective Study

Now, let us establish that merely reading over information is—by far—a disappointingly inefficient learning strategy. After reading a 400-page textbook in one day, are you going to be able to memorise every little fact in it?

Evidently not, because learning is undeniably a more sophisticated process than that. Otherwise, everybody would be a professional learner!

So, what is the most efficient way to cram facts into your skull?

Last-minute exam revision involves cramming knowledge into your brain like it's a computer

Active recall and spatial repetition.

Saving you time whilst forcing your brain to learn, these two principles allow you to use your time optimally.

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