How Should You Prioritise Your Work as a Student?

How Should You Prioritise Your Work as a Student?

Is it really necessary to prioritise your work as a student? Don’t be silly—of course it certainly is!

After all, not all work has an equal impact on your life; look at the infamous 80/20 principle, for instance.

Why Is It Important to Prioritise Tasks?

The 80/20 rule suggests that—in almost every situation—20% of the possible work you can do will contribute to 80% of the success. Additionally, further ideas have sprung up, such as 5% of the work accounting for 50% of the outcome.

A diagram showing the 80-20 principle means you must prioritise your work as a student and use high-leverage tasks.
Do the least amount of work but maximise success with high-leverage tasks.

In short, though, here’s the key message: there are certain tasks that have significantly more impact.

So, if you can find those tasks and only spend your limited time on them, you’ll be unstoppable. This is because each minute of your day will be much more meaningful than if you committed to useless tasks.

Undoubtedly, this is an incredibly important concept to understand and use—especially with regard to your school life.

To demonstrate, you could apply this to your independent study and revision, albeit not homework and assignment as much. (For you see, homework and other assignments may require you use your time in a certain way, but not invariably.)

Stepping back a bit more, you could view your entire life as a list of both academic and personal work. In this case, you’re prioritising your work as a student as well as non-student.

Furthermore, what is your success—the idealised outcome? Is it academic, hence passing exams successfully? Or, rather, perhaps you’re thinking more about overall life success.

Regardless, the way to reach success is to prioritise your work both within and outside of academia.

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