Want to Take Control of Your Time? Stop Being Impulsive Now!

Want to Take Control of Your Time? Stop Being Impulsive Now!

Are you struggling to manage your time effectively as a student because you can never take control of your time? If so, acting deliberately and stopping impulsiveness from hijacking your life is the most important thing you can do.

No matter who you are, it is imperative that you take control of your time in order to live a purposeful life!

If you want to achieve your goals—excel in those exams—then effective time management is your friend: it is, after all, incredibly important for students who want to live a successful, meaningful life.

However, managing your time is not a passive process; rather, it is the act of taking deliberate control of your life. Easier said than done.

So, in this article, I will share how impulsiveness is robbing your time like the silent assassin it is. What’s more, you’ll learn the techniques I’ve used to stop impulsiveness and regain control of my time.

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Resist your brain's impulsiveness and take control of your time

What Is Impulsiveness and Why Is It Bad?

Impulsiveness: killer of productivity and everything else that is good.

Contrasting the concept of time management, impulsiveness is the quality of giving in to short-term gratification rather than pursuing long-term advantages.

Moreover, being impulsive is when you say, “Oh, look! There are some boxes that need cleaning out, so I better do that before it’s too late!” But “too late” is merely an illusion.

Or, perhaps more relatable to you:

“What’s that, Fred? It seems like I’ve heard a nice little “ping”, meaning someone has messaged me on Discord Inc!”

Now that bellows procrastination like nothing else.

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