Writing vs Typing: Which is the Best for Your Desired Results?

Writing vs Typing: Which is the Best for Your Desired Results?

When Should You Think About Writing vs Typing?

Ask me several months ago to decide between writing and typing. I would have certainly concluded that typing, digitalised information etc is far better. Nevertheless, I’ve found that this is not always the case…

Organising your life can be difficult when you have a shortage of a clear, definitive, step-by-step plan. Accordingly, a lot of organisational aspects, such as the question of writing vs typing, are up to you.

Writing vs typing: an idea on a sticky note pinned to a noticeboard

Above all, getting ideas out of your head is ridiculously important to help clarify and organise your life. But how do you do this?

In today’s day and age, the two most obvious forms of media are:

  • Pen and paper
  • Digital storage

Boil that down further, you subsequently reach the decision between two methods of expressing information:

  • Write stuff down by hand, or
  • Type, with a keyboard, words into a digital device, for example, your desktop computer or smartphone.

So, which method is better? I hate to say that this depends heavily on your objective as well as your preferences.

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My 3 Miracle Secrets to Absorb Knowledge [Super Quickly!]

My 3 Miracle Secrets to Absorb Knowledge [Super Quickly!]

Why Should You Be in the Hot Pursuit of Knowledge?

The successful person is always learning—always absorbing knowledge.

Fact-machine. This would have described a mere school-age boy back in the day, and what a title it was! Above all else, this boy knew exactly how to absorb knowledge at an exceedingly alarming rate.

For instance, he read books ceaselessly like an unstoppable choo-choo train. Not just that, but he was able to retain the extensive vaults of knowledge encapsulated within them.

The child—whose mind bulged with raw information—has, in all likelihood, read more books than you will ever read. And that’s solely in his childhood. If you think you’re shaking your head at this, would you like a bet, m8?

All right, then see if you can match yourself up to these juicy facts:

  • He read all the books in his neighbourhood library
  • He read all the books in his school’s library
  • Finding himself exhausted of information-yielding material, he subsequently went on to absorb the knowledge of two entire encyclopaedias.

“I started to read the Encyclopaedia Britannica. That was so helpful.”

— Elon Musk

While the young learner evidently struggled to make friends, you could imagine the great feats he went on to accomplish. In fact, don’t just imagine them—look at them yourself!

The boy’s name was Elon Musk. Indeed, this immensely successful figure is the same person as the previously discussed book-hungry sponge.

How did he get to where he is? An inextinguishable flame, confident in posture, burned strong within him; his sheer determination to absorb knowledge fast and effectively in order to achieve his goals.

This, in my opinion, demonstrates the power of knowledge and learning perfectly.

So, when are you going to start achieving great things?

Learn more about Musk: Future of the Space Industry: Why Should You Be Excited?

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Spend Money Wisely: 3 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying

Spend Money Wisely: 3 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying

Learn This Truth and You’ll Have No Regrets

Don’t we all just love the sensation of buying something new? However, whether it’s a graphics card or cable ties you would always want to spend money wisely.Endless stacks of money

Alas, not everyone knows the trick of this trade (spending money wisely). By contrast, you can learn to effectively control your wallet’s output.

Temptingly easy to fall into, we must first conquer a commonly used methodology applied to innumerable purchases around the globe. When you go out to buy something, do you know what you’re looking for? And, by that, I really mean: do you know what exactly you are looking to buy?

After all, if your desire is to spend money wisely, you’ll obviously need to know what you’re spending it on!

For example, violently grabbing your eye, you might come across a nifty little smart gadget on the dark web. Despite just encountered the device, you sprinkle money all over that brand with a vast spade. But here’s the deal—you did not know what you were buying.

In brief, my primary point here is to emphasise that you spend money wisely when you know what you’re spending it on. Therefore, the straightforward steps that follow reinforce this idea.

In other words, they will help you tremendously in deciding what to buy.

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Naughty Windows 10 Bloatware: How to Protect Yourself

Naughty Windows 10 Bloatware: How to Protect Yourself

What is Bloatware?

The Windows 10 bloatware issue is, to put it descriptively, an issue.

To exemplify, it has been tearing apart innocent yet fragile families for decades, with no foreseeable end to the madness. Furthermore, it strikes precisely when the end-user isn’t expecting it.

Bloatware is causing upset throughout the world

Why does life have to be this way?

To clarify, when I say ‘bloatware’, think of any software that you do not want to be installed on your PC. Perhaps this is because it is dramatically decreasing your computer’s performance or maybe it’s entirely unnecessary.

Or, even worse—whilst performing potentially unwanted operations—a program could computer to a point of being unusable.

Before you get too overwhelmed, though, remember that not all bloatware deserves to cease its existence; stuff like the Weather app may be useful to some people but utter ‘Windows 10 bloatware’ to most others.

Where Do We Receive This Unholy Blessing of The Demons?

Like all matter, bloatware doesn’t just materialise from thin air (although Microsoft would like to object).

Windows 10 bloatware, as a matter of fact, has three primary sources from which it comes.

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Your Computer’s Power Consumption: Should You Care?

Your Computer’s Power Consumption: Should You Care?

Your Computer and Your Energy Bill

What is the impact of your computer's power consumption on your energy bill?

When you’re paying your bills, remember that your computer could represent a small or large portion of the price.

We all know that computers consume electricity. But have you given your computer’s power consumption much of a thought?

After all, your computer—unless you practise black magic—contributes to your electricity bill at the end of the month. Exactly how much so depends on a multitude of factors, namely the power consumption of your computer.

Furthermore, you will never know whether you would be happy with your computer’s electricity drain until you find out; you can’t judge what you don’t know.

Perhaps your computer is using costing far less than you previously expected. Perhaps your computer is consuming far more than what you’re happy with. Or, maybe, its power consumption is just right.

Regardless, we can all find out together—as one (one entity). In addition to that, we will briefly hop through the realm of power saving techniques.

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Are Macs Worth It? Most Revealing Arguments from a PC User

Are Macs Worth It? Most Revealing Arguments from a PC User

Are Macs Worth It, or Are They Overpriced?

It is a fact that there is a sizeable portion of people who avoid Apple Macs like they’re a plague. Some even avoid Apple products altogether. Today’s focal question is: do these people genuinely have a point? Are Macs worth it?

Let’s find out.Zucking Your Data

Several people I know laugh at the mere possibility of buying a Mac computer, as they believe Windows is superior. And, to clarify, this is for all circumstances—as if Macs are of no significance.

Indeed, they maintain quite a closed-mind when it comes to comparing technological brands; it’s called denial.

Ignoring that, though, let us first establish a starting point for our investigation. Our initial impression of the Mac.

The myth I find being thrown around rather thoughtlessly is the notion that Macs are overpriced. Moreover, many perceive Macs as being all about the aesthetics, coupled with an incapable operating system and incapable hardware.

With that in mind, let me tell you this right here and now: there’s more behind the mythological curtains of Apple Mac devices!

Perhaps Macs are worth it—for you.

But exactly how much material can we scrape up from behind the scenes? As a 100% PC user, I’ll be your fairly balanced detective for as long as you read this article…

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7 Things I Liked About Windows 10 Mobile (Before it Died)

7 Things I Liked About Windows 10 Mobile (Before it Died)

Introduction to Windows 10 Mobile

Apple’s iPhones and the endless selection of Android phones first come to mind when you think of the word “smartphone.” In addition to this, you may have also heard of Windows 10 mobile—the OS for Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones.

Indeed, Microsoft has had a jolly old time in regard to mobile devices—in past years.

Close up of the the Microsoft Lumia 640 using Windows 10 Mobile
My Lumia 640

With the introduction and widespread usage of Android and iOS, though, Microsoft and brands such as Nokia suffered; from Windows Phone 7, 8, and 8.1, to Windows 10 mobile, they never quite obtained a significant market share.

Elaborating a bit more on Windows 10 mobile—that seemed to be another attempt to claw back your interest. Windows 10 mobile, after all, was designed for an ultimate cross-device experience.

Furthermore, with the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft really wanted to appeal to developers and consumers alike: the prospect of a single application that can run on multiple Windows platforms, with no problems?

I must say, that idea appealed to me, thus I dabbled in UWP app development for a while.

What’s more, when I went to buy myself I new phone, I looked at Windows 10 mobile. But why would I do this?

In this article, I’ll be outlining several reasons that pulled me into the Windows 10 mobile platform.

By the way, I’m using the Microsoft Lumia 640 (upgraded to Windows 10 mobile).

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5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why I Happily Block Ads

5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why I Happily Block Ads

Is it Okay to Block Ads?

Whether or not you should block ads (advertisements) is a considerably controversial question, with swarms of arguments for each side. I, myself, use an advertisement blocker when browsing the deep streets of the Internet quite happily, in fact.

Keep in mind that I indeed run this blog and note how I do not display tasteless banner ads.Blocking the Ads

Of course, not everybody thinks like me, which is why I’m supplying the reasons for why you should block ads. This is in face of the arguments for not blocking ads, thus I will attempt to directly oppose them.

But why would you not block ads online?

Certainly, this is a thoughtful question with some solid answers to it, too. To exemplify, here are a few reasonable arguments against the usage of ad blockers, and they all relate to revenue.

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How to Spot a Scam in 3 Simple Words

How to Spot a Scam in 3 Simple Words

Scams. What Are They?

In order to be able to spot a scam, you must first be able to identify what a scam is. Therefore, as always, let us refer to the good-old Oxford Dictionaries definition:

Definition of Scam

As you can clearly see, the term “scam” could cover an exceedingly wide range of activities. And rightly so, too, since scams can range from medical doughnuts to Nigerian princes. In this article, however, I’m going to focus on the phishing attempts that you might encounter as a technological user.

Even so, narrowing down to a specific category of scams, it’s not difficult to spot a scam. That is, if you look around hard enough, or perhaps by not even trying at all to spot a scam.

Do Not Fall For the Scam

Don’t be so quick to pop out your wallet.

This merely emphasises the problem that is scamming; if it is little trouble to spot a scam, they are evidently far more widespread than we would like. This is a terrible thing, as it indicates millions of undeserving victims having their personal information and/or finances shamelessly “repossessed”.

An honest living does not consist of cheating and avoiding the purposeful challenges of life.

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PC Building in 2018: How to Defeat the Infuriating Problems

PC Building in 2018: How to Defeat the Infuriating Problems

Why Would PC Building Be A Good Idea?

Before we step into the problems associated with PC building in 2018, why would it be a reasonable idea—ever? Well, it turns out that there is a multitude of various motives behind PC building.

It’s (Generally) Cheaper

Custom PC Building

Firstly, building your own desktop computer can be better value for your money than something pre-built. This seems reasonable since you are buying each component and assembling it yourself, not paying someone else to do so.

However, PC manufacturers such as Dell, ASUS, and even CyberPowerPC etc order OEM—original equipment manufacturer—components in bulk. OEM computer components tend to be cheaper per product, albeit they are exclusively intended for resale by another computer manufacturer. For example, Dell would buy Nvidia’s OEM graphics cards as opposed to the consumer models.

Don’t get excited too soon—while OEM product might be cheaper, they are certainly not better; unsurprisingly, these products come with no warranty even if you do get a hold of an OEM product. This is because the reseller of the product will provide a blanket warranty for the entirety of the computer system.

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