Why I Abandoned Dual Boot and Finally Gained Back Freedom

Why I Abandoned Dual Boot and Finally Gained Back Freedom

My Journey Towards Using Dual Boot

Dual boot has, for an incredibly long time, been the way I had my computers set up.

To be honest, I am moderately obsessed with operating systems that look good and work well. (Okay, maybe not moderately, as such.)

Therefore, I obviously found my eye stuck on several Linux distributions over the years! The family of Windows operating systems had been my primary driver—for everything I do—since the beginning of time.

Quick: What is Dual Boot?

Dual Boot with Windows and Linux
Dual-booting with Windows and Linux is the most common dual boot configuration.

Fortunately, you’re not limited to installing just one operating system to your computer’s storage drive.

To demonstrate, multi-booting is the way in which you can boot into one of the installed OSs. A menu appearing when you turn on your computer is usually how you would select the OS.

In addition, perhaps the most widely-used form of this is dual boot: having 2 installed OSs to boot, typically Windows and Linux.

Read on in order to learn more about dual boot and its purpose in life.

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