Are Macs Worth It? Most Revealing Arguments from a PC User

Are Macs Worth It? Most Revealing Arguments from a PC User

Are Macs Worth It, or Are They Overpriced?

It is a fact that there is a sizeable portion of people who avoid Apple Macs like they’re a plague. Some even avoid Apple products altogether. Today’s focal question is: do these people genuinely have a point? Are Macs worth it?

Let’s find out.Zucking Your Data

Several people I know laugh at the mere possibility of buying a Mac computer, as they believe Windows is superior. And, to clarify, this is for all circumstances—as if Macs are of no significance.

Indeed, they maintain quite a closed-mind when it comes to comparing technological brands; it’s called denial.

Ignoring that, though, let us first establish a starting point for our investigation. Our initial impression of the Mac.

The myth I find being thrown around rather thoughtlessly is the notion that Macs are overpriced. Moreover, many perceive Macs as being all about the aesthetics, coupled with an incapable operating system and incapable hardware.

With that in mind, let me tell you this right here and now: there’s more behind the mythological curtains of Apple Mac devices!

Perhaps Macs are worth it—for you.

But exactly how much material can we scrape up from behind the scenes? As a 100% PC user, I’ll be your fairly balanced detective for as long as you read this article…

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