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How to Develop Mental Discipline: Just Stop Thinking

How to Develop Mental Discipline: Just Stop Thinking

If you’re struggling to stay productive, you may be overthinking life. By thinking less, you will develop the mental discipline to break out of procrastination before it’s too late.

But you may be thinking,

“What do you mean — do I have to stop using my mind? How can I be productive if I can’t reason or use logic?”

If you’ve studied meditation to any extent, you will be familiar with the concept of a thinking mind and an observer. Between these two entities, there lies a crucial distinction.

Firstly, the intellectual mind is the part of you that uses logic. Also, it is always trying to explain, justify, rationalise, and reason.

The left brain is logical and the right creative. Develop mental discipline over these: stop thinking.

Indeed, these are all useful functions for human dominance, though, this part of the mind can be excessive; it is not turned off nearly as often as it should be.

Secondly, the observer is your awareness of the world — your consciousness. Not only does it include your experience of the five senses, but it allows you to observe your own (intellectual) mind.

Therefore, you are able to “listen to yourself” (in your head) and even argue with yourself — absurd!

Henceforth in this article, I will use this model to explain how mental stimulation affects productivity. This is based on reflections of my own experience, so think carefully about how you can incorporate this information into your own life.

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