What Should You Do When You Can’t Stop Procrastinating?

What Should You Do When You Can’t Stop Procrastinating?

Today, I’m going to take a slightly different approach to solving the issues of procrastination. As a consequence, you will hopefully see procrastination from a wholly unique perspective.

Let’s take a moment to reflect, firstly: sometimes, you try, but you simply can’t stop procrastinating.

“I’ve scanned all of the productivity textbooks; I’ve signed up to all sorts of habit-tracking software; And, yet, I literally can’t stop procrastinating! What under the sweet wrath of the heavens should I do?”

Anger, guilt and depression means we can't stop procrastinating.

Most people would tell you how to let go of the procrastination so that you can get back to being fully productive. While this advice should definitely not be ignored, it doesn’t always work effectively.

This is primarily due to the immense difficulty in making a gargantuan leap: from an upsetting state of procrastination to a willpower-abundant state of ultimate productivity.

In this article, I will show you how to minimise the impact of your “wasted time”. Rather than resorting to social media, you could do an easy but still somewhat productive task during your downtime.

However, this technique has some obvious caveats, as discussed later.

Before discussing that, though, you must first understand what you should ideally do if you’re procrastinating.

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