How to Arrange Dual Monitors to Your Advantage

How to Arrange Dual Monitors to Your Advantage

The Best Dual Monitor Setup for You

This is supposed to be a handy, on-demand guide for power users such as programmers to discover their optimal dual monitor placement. Nonetheless, this article contains relevant guidance for single-monitor setups as well.

Ergonomics are just as important as productivity—if not more important. Therefore, I have written this guide to emphasise how you should best arrange dual monitors in your computer desk setup.

To illustrate the need for an ergonomic workstation, imagine the worst possible ergonomic scenario:

How to arrange dual monitors as a programmer for maximum enjoyment
One you’ve can arrange dual monitors effectively, you can sit back and relax…
  • You spend 21 hours a day in front of a computer screen due to your programming profession
  • During this time, your posture is absolutely and undeniably terrible
  • It’s a dark room, meanwhile, your dual monitors are illuminating your desk
  • Having your eyes sit two mere inches from the display is not healthy

Evidently, in a world dominated by computer technology, it becomes imperative to take ergonomic precautions as a computer enthusiast.

In addition, arranging your dual monitors diligently enough might actually increase your productivity! After all, the organisation of your workspace translates into how efficiently you can work.

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Choosing a Monitor: 7 Lessons I Learned That Will Surprise You

Choosing a Monitor: 7 Lessons I Learned That Will Surprise You

The Dark Side of Choosing a Monitor (for Productivity)

What’s your process for choosing a monitor when you need it?

Big or small? High resolution or low resolution? Astonishing or affordable?My dual monitor setup involving my laptop and desktop side-by-side

Perhaps you do not even give the fine details of that intimidating specification sheet any substantial thought. Nevertheless, there is always something you may have not considered with regards to choosing a monitor.

Considering the scores of opportunities for customisation, the inevitability is that you could enjoy a variety of unique monitor setups; with no doubt, we are likely to find a multiplicity of absurd, dark, and
questionable monitor configurations.

That is—as long as you have the audacity to stride forth and search intensely.

Don’t worry though: thankfully, we will have no need to explore the intricacies of the dark web. Rather, today’s aim is to enlighten all of you avid enthusiasts by presenting numerous inspiring ideas regarding monitors.

Everything monitors.

And who knows? If you’re in the market for a brand-new monitor or something like that, this could open your mind to new potential! Having experienced the peaks and troughs of the rollercoaster of screens, I’m fairly confident I know the choices of monitors.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention—my tremendously tremendous ideas revolve around maximising productivity.

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Are Dual Monitors Worth It? [Don’t Make My Mistakes]

Are Dual Monitors Worth It? [Don’t Make My Mistakes]

The Question of Dual Monitors

Having seen the innumerable professionals claiming increased productivity with multi-monitor setups, you may be asking yourself one question; are dual monitors worth it for you?Are dual monitors worth it, some think so

Evidently, you must be viewing these words with some form of display, unless you’re listening to them. Perhaps, in some one-of-a-kind scenario, you are feeling these words—spiritually.

Sixth sense and all that, you know?

My point is: you have a monitor, so is it worth your time, money, and energy to go out there and buy a complementary monitor?

Also, if you aren’t already familiar, a dual monitor setup enables you to utilise the screen space of both. This
is from a single computer, too, much like extending your current monitor—to an extent(!)

Therefore, with the assistance of increased screen real estate, you can see more applications, tools, and content etc. Moreover, more stuff to see, in theory, leads to a big boost in productivity.

Or so you thought…

For you see, dual monitor setups may not always help us multitask—likewise—productivity. For this reason, “Are dual monitors worth it” suddenly becomes a substantially more complex, mind-boggling question.

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MX27AQ Review: Perfect Monitor for Cheap Professionals

MX27AQ Review: Perfect Monitor for Cheap Professionals

The ASUS Designo MX27AQ 27-inch 1440p IPS Monitor


Verdict of the ASUS MX27AQ

If you’re a professional, this is a monitor which you must try out. In my opinion, there is no better monitor in the same class and at the same price-point.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Great value for the money
  • Ideal specification for prosumers
  • Brilliant sound quality for built-in speakers
  • Stylish design
  • Impressive, vibrant picture quality
  • Blue light filter and flicker-free technology ​

The negatives:

  • No USB hub
  • No height adjustment or pivot—only tilt
  • Might have dodgy pixels, if you’re unlucky ​

My Experience with Monitors: The Context

If you’re interested in acquiring a new computer monitor, I would advise you to read on. This is my ASUS MX27AQ review—an easily respectable monitor I’ve taken for a spin not one time, but two. Don’t worry, I’ll explain that sooner or later.

Dell U2414H

The Dell U2414H is excellent for viewing the Cryptic Butter video content.

Firstly, allow me to acquaint you with my personal experience with the MX27AQ. What was it about this monitor that made me want to part with my beautifully shiny pennies? I’ll tell you, since, after all, you do have that endearing little face that gets me every time.

At the time I was investigating monitors, I’d had a cheaper yet decent—notably reliable—monitor for many a year. This is the Dell U2414H if you’re interested; 1080p, 60Hz, 23.8″, IPS are the basic specs, though you can see the real deal at the Amazon link.

Moreover, having been released in 2013, this monitor is becoming rather dated. It is, nevertheless, something you can’t go wrong with, floating around that price point of minutely below £200.

If you’re a professional, productivity-fanatic, or someone who for whatever reason desires copious amounts of screen real estate, a single 24″ monitor is well below par. It is for this reason that I saw it a wise investment of my limited money to acquire a second, larger, better monitor. As a matter of fact, this is something you might want to consider.

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