PC Building in 2018: How to Defeat the Infuriating Problems

PC Building in 2018: How to Defeat the Infuriating Problems

Why Would PC Building Be A Good Idea?

Before we step into the problems associated with PC building in 2018, why would it be a reasonable idea—ever? Well, it turns out that there is a multitude of various motives behind PC building.

It’s (Generally) Cheaper

Custom PC Building

Firstly, building your own desktop computer can be better value for your money than something pre-built. This seems reasonable since you are buying each component and assembling it yourself, not paying someone else to do so.

However, PC manufacturers such as Dell, ASUS, and even CyberPowerPC etc order OEM—original equipment manufacturer—components in bulk. OEM computer components tend to be cheaper per product, albeit they are exclusively intended for resale by another computer manufacturer. For example, Dell would buy Nvidia’s OEM graphics cards as opposed to the consumer models.

Don’t get excited too soon—while OEM product might be cheaper, they are certainly not better; unsurprisingly, these products come with no warranty even if you do get a hold of an OEM product. This is because the reseller of the product will provide a blanket warranty for the entirety of the computer system.

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