The Best Way to Turn Your Laptop into a Monitor (5 Steps)

The Best Way to Turn Your Laptop into a Monitor (5 Steps)

The Problem of Turning a Laptop into a Monitor

Unlike any other monitor you find on the market, laptops do not typically offer ports for video input. Conversely, all HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA sockets etc act solely as display outputs.

But what if you wanted to use another computer hooked up to a separate laptop turned into a monitor? Then you’ll have to get creative!

Therefore, I have made it a little bit easier for you to turn your laptop into a monitor in this article. There, we discussed five ways you could take in order to solve the laptop-monitor problem. However, today we are going to focus exclusively on number 2.

You can turn your laptop into a second monitor

To clarify, this tutorial will show you how to use your laptop as a true second monitor; a true multi-monitor experience.

So, this means you will be able to:

  • Operate two workspaces with a single keyboard and mouse
  • Transfer data (for example, the clipboard) between screens
  • Above all, drag windows across screens seamlessly

And that all comes absolutely free, without the painstaking hassle of tearing apart hardware or making serious compromises.

You Will Want to Stay Tuned for The Bonus!

After having turned your laptop into a monitor, I will extend the multi-monitor workflow even further!

You will be able to switch to using your laptop as its own device with ease. Furthermore, this will be made possible using the same keyboard and mouse.

Thus, this is the secret to making my “turn a laptop into a monitor” technique work effortlessly and seamlessly. If I were to describe this workflow in one word, it would be versatile.

What’s more, it is identical to the setup I use—every day—to which I can personally give ample approval.

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My Tremendous List of Everything I Have and Love to Use

My Tremendous List of Everything I Have and Love to Use

(Almost) Everything I Have or Use, Regardless of Relevance

What better way is there to start the new year than an inexhaustive list of everything?

To clarify, my list of everything will only cover that which I consider interesting enough to share; so, don’t expect me to be listing “6mm × 12mm Hex-Socket Button-Head Steel Dome Bolt” anytime soon.

Rather, perhaps you might spot something astonishing that you might want to take a slice of. Of that which you didn’t know about before, perhaps there is something here that you would find tremendously useful.

Moreover, treat this page as one of reference. This is because I will certainly come back now and again to update it will the latest gizmos.

And, finally, thank you for using the (affiliate) links provided below. Accordingly, I may receive a small commission when you use the mentioned products/services at no additional cost for you.

Visit the wonderful Cryptic Butter resources page for recommendations, too!

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How to Take Advantage of One-Handed Typing (The Best Ways)

How to Take Advantage of One-Handed Typing (The Best Ways)

What is This “One-Handed Typing”?

You would probably have not considered one-handed typing before. That is unless you’re unfortunate enough to only have one suitable typing hand.

We all must use one hand on the keyboard with the other hand on the mouse
That moment when your mouse-hand is using the mouse…

At any rate, one-handed typing is—for the most part—just as it sounds; you use one hand alone to type out all the juicy words you need glittering on your computer screen.

For example, this might involve either your left or right hand sweeping over the maze that is your regular keyboard. On the other hand, a specialist keyboard could work even more effectively, as the keys are better compacted.

At this point, most of you will most likely be bored out of your refrigerator. I implore you, nonetheless, to hang on tight!

With dominating interest for one-handed typing, the less able among us are forced to use unconventional typing methods. Despite this, the vast majority of us (with two capable hands) can still take advantage of one-handed typing.

Also—simply as a disclaimer—I am writing this article predominantly for the two-handed computer-text-producers. That being said, others may gain various tips, learning about useful tools, regardless.

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How to Sleep Easily for More Happiness and Better Focus

How to Sleep Easily for More Happiness and Better Focus

Why Do You Need More Sleep?

If you can get to sleep easily during the day, there's probably something wrong

You don’t want to get to sleep that easily!

Sleep deprivation is common amongst many people, proving the difficulty in getting to sleep easily. What’s more, it’s not rare—at all—to come across the person who doesn’t truly understand the importance of sleep.

Sleep is indisputably invaluably important.

And the research shows this. However, our modern world in which we live today does not.

Why is this? It is because our society is ‘always awake’, so to speak; everywhere you go, there will be buzz as well as novelty—i.e. distractions.

Moreover, in a world driven by technology, there is no ‘off’ switch by default. For example, people are constantly dwelling upon countless yet frivolous activities, such as:

  • Exploring social media
  • Managing emails and other communications
  • Consuming information content
  • Otherwise surfing the Internet or using electronic devices

These technological factors contribute massively to people not getting sufficient sleep easily: too many late nights with your preferred source of procrastination! Naturally, sleep should be easy to obtain, right?

Well, in an unmercifully overengineered habitat, it is crucial that we first add to remove. In other words, take extra measures to reverse the effects of an environment promoting procrastination and condemning productivity.

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Should You Have Faith in Online Calendars? [Kill Procrastination]

Should You Have Faith in Online Calendars? [Kill Procrastination]

Why Would Calendars Avoid Procrastination Effectively?

If you’re not already using an online calendar, I genuinely hope this article will make you think again.

For now, however, we are not going to explore the benefits of specifically online calendars; that comes later. To begin with, why should we all be using any calendar at all?Excessive Confusion

The Problem of Procrastination and Productivity-Deficiency

The battle for productivity and against procrastination is an ongoing, ceaseless effort. That is to say, you will always encounter resistance when you need to get work done.

In order to reduce this friction, we must devise systems within our life. Why? Because your brain is flawed, imperfect, and exhaustible.

In many cases when we are given a decision, we often make the wrong choice. For example, if you have some free time, you may have quite a few options:

  • Send out some job applications because you’re unemployed
  • File your taxes, which you are late to do
  • Clean the dishes
  • Watch television for another ten hours
  • Eat pudding
  • Steal the neighbours’ Wi-Fi

Without an effective system, self-concept, and mindset, you would probably be likely to choose options 4–6. This is due to your natural tendency to gravitate towards easy things.

Consequently, the significantly more important, albeit more demanding, tasks take the back seat.

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Your Taskbar Is Wrong: How to Fix Auto-Hide (For Good)

Your Taskbar Is Wrong: How to Fix Auto-Hide (For Good)

More Screen Real Estate = More Productivity

In a frantic search for utmost productivity—as we all are—once may encounter a complication on their Windows computer. This problem is none other than the thieving taskbar (and auto-hide can’t solve it).

But what does it mean when we talk about ‘maximising our screen real estate’? To be concise, we mean increasing the proportional area of the desktop that can be used for useful tasks.

Multitasking on a monitorMaking more room for all of our windows, as well as their content, in other words.

Typically, this consists of hiding elements from the view such as a toolbar. To exemplify, hiding the ribbon in Microsoft Word (which I am typing into now), so you can see more page.

However, we don’t always miss out on features and functionality, mainly because we can get stuff back into view. (Keyboard shortcuts can be a great alternative for visual elements, too.)

Embracing a maximum-screen-space-little-compromise world, auto-hide is present in various controls across computer software.

In Microsoft Word, to continue that example, the ribbon can be set to ‘auto-hide’ which brings it out of view entirely; one must click at the top of the window in order to resurrect it.

And then, when you click anywhere other than the ribbon area, it auto-hides—useful, right?

That is until we look at the taskbar’s auto-hide.

Get productive: How to Navigate Windows 10: 123 Most Valuable Shortcuts

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7 Online Productivity Tools: Never Waste Your Time Again

7 Online Productivity Tools: Never Waste Your Time Again

These Online Productivity Tools Make Things Easy (Trust Me)

Indeed, there are copious components creating the perfect, productive life. But computerised, online productivity tools are the most fun for increasing your productivity.

Crazy computer geek using too many monitors

You don’t need 15 monitors to be productive. All it takes is some quality productivity tools!

Not to mention, these fancy, electronic techniques—once mastered—make productivity a breeze.

(That being said, the effort still needs to ultimately come from you. Techniques such as the shortly following online productivity tools will only make things easier.)

Well-built systems can give you the motivation to be productive, without a doubt.

Likewise, poorly-built systems, or—even worse—a lack thereof, brews up the overwhelming enemy of productivity: procrastination.

Not knowing what to do next encourages idleness. By contrast, a detailed, clear, and concise plan keeps you on track (provided the absence of distractions.)

My personal organisation/productivity system relies on a large number of what I’ll refer to as “online productivity tools”.

The reason for this is that they provide a system for me to dump and organise information effectively. In addition to that, they use the cloud, putting the Internet to constructive use.

Accordingly, I am able to access information stored on said online productivity tools from basically anywhere. This certainly helps when I’m using two devices simultaneously.

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