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Time Denial: Conquer This Bad Habit and Reclaim Your Time

Time Denial: Conquer This Bad Habit and Reclaim Your Time

If there’s something I’ve come to realise over the previous few days, it’s the concept of time denial. But what is the thing and why does it matter anyway? Let me first paint the background:

Time denial is not new to me. Neither would it be unique to me.

Often, during the lower points of my life, procrastination was a significant issue. Moreover, it had numerous ways of manifesting itself, including:

  • Getting carried away and not being able to let go of an activity
  • …thus resulting in a self-sustaining cycle of sleep deprivation.
  • Putting off important but difficult tasks.
  • Being effortlessly distracted by trivial matters.
  • Disheartening depression, gargantuan guilt, and restless regret.
  • Living in ignorance and sheer denial of the time.
Time denial causes laziness and procrastination like a child ignoring his parents.

The Symptoms of Time Denial

What I’ve come to realise is that the demons of our nature despise one thing: time.

When procrastinating, we love to ignore time. We love to pretend that our actions have no consequences. We love to take the easy path.

However, you ought to remove your rose-tinted glasses when I tell you that you’re living in denial of the truth; you pretend that time has no existence to make yourself feel better about your procrastination.

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