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How to Save Your Time: The Most Powerful Planning Routine

How to Save Your Time: The Most Powerful Planning Routine

Why a Planning Routine (& Reviewing) is Important

How effective is a planning routine, and why is planning important? For instance, you may feel busy enough with whatever system you are currently using. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your time is being spent meaningfully.

The Power of Planning How You Want Your Life to Go

Firstly, if you want to spend your time productively, you must be proactive with your time. On the contrary, if you are reactive—letting your inbox dictate your actions—you’re doing it wrong.

Productivity calendar in a planning routine

That is to say, chase the opportunity rather than letting distractions chase you. It is, unless you proactively chase opportunity, the case that the opportunity cannot be trusted to come after you.

Just making that clear.

So, the evident solution is to be deliberate and plan your time out carefully: incorporate a planning routine in your life (which I will soon discuss).

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Why This Sleep Tracking Smartwatch Will Enlighten You (Fitbit Versa Review)

Why This Sleep Tracking Smartwatch Will Enlighten You (Fitbit Versa Review)

The Best Value Sleep Tracking Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa

Providing a solid load of useful features at such an affordable price, the Fitbit Versa is certainly a superior option for those wishing for sleep-tracking excellence—despite the few problems.


You Know Less About Last Night Than You Think

As we all know, sleep is paramount for a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle. Alas, it is equally obscure to us, since we’re not really fully conscious when we engage in such activity. This problematic reality, though, can be changed with the help of a sleep tracking smartwatch!

Otherwise, you are left guessing how long you slept based on when you got into bed and when you awoke. Obviously, this will produce inevitable inaccuracies regarding the under/overestimation of the time it takes for you to get to sleep.

Make sure that you get enough good sleep

Sure, while you could take the average time (about fourteen minutes or so), it’s merely an average. In other words, everyone is different, so you need to find out your sleep patterns specifically.

Moreover, even if you can accurately estimate how long you’ve slept, that’s still not the whole story. For instance, there is no concrete indication of your quality of sleep.

Even if you get plenty of time in bed, that does not mean that your sleep quality is optimal.

Sleep stages—the phases of sleep we go through each night—also play a key role in all of this. And it’s important that you have an awareness of it.

Before we begin looking at a sleep tracking smartwatch, let’s first see how they can benefit you.

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