The Best Way to Turn Your Laptop into a Monitor (5 Steps)

The Best Way to Turn Your Laptop into a Monitor (5 Steps)

The Problem of Turning a Laptop into a Monitor

Unlike any other monitor you find on the market, laptops do not typically offer ports for video input. Conversely, all HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA sockets etc act solely as display outputs.

But what if you wanted to use another computer hooked up to a separate laptop turned into a monitor? Then you’ll have to get creative!

Therefore, I have made it a little bit easier for you to turn your laptop into a monitor in this article. There, we discussed five ways you could take in order to solve the laptop-monitor problem. However, today we are going to focus exclusively on number 2.

You can turn your laptop into a second monitor

To clarify, this tutorial will show you how to use your laptop as a true second monitor; a true multi-monitor experience.

So, this means you will be able to:

  • Operate two workspaces with a single keyboard and mouse
  • Transfer data (for example, the clipboard) between screens
  • Above all, drag windows across screens seamlessly

And that all comes absolutely free, without the painstaking hassle of tearing apart hardware or making serious compromises.

You Will Want to Stay Tuned for The Bonus!

After having turned your laptop into a monitor, I will extend the multi-monitor workflow even further!

You will be able to switch to using your laptop as its own device with ease. Furthermore, this will be made possible using the same keyboard and mouse.

Thus, this is the secret to making my “turn a laptop into a monitor” technique work effortlessly and seamlessly. If I were to describe this workflow in one word, it would be versatile.

What’s more, it is identical to the setup I use—every day—to which I can personally give ample approval.

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Harden Windows 10: 11 Important Things You Need (Right Now)

Harden Windows 10: 11 Important Things You Need (Right Now)

What Is Windows 10 Hardening and Why Should I Care?

In this day and age, cyber-security is an ever-present issue—and one not to be taken lightly. Accordingly, you would be wise to harden your Windows 10 computer against security vulnerabilities.CCTV Camera

(Of those running older versions of Windows, I ask the majority to move on and “get with the times.”)

You may be asking, however:

“But wait! I’m sure Microsoft is a big company and they know how to deal with them cyber-space threats, no?”

While Microsoft does go to plenty of effort to keep the latest version of Windows 10 secure, it’s not perfect. For example, the built-in security application—Windows Defender—is good, albeit substantially better alternatives can be found for free.

In fact, there is ample free software available on the Internet that will help with your Windows 10 hardening efforts. Boasting (not necessarily all of the time) better security, paid solutions also exist.

The Consequences of a “Soft” System

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Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide: How to Protect Your Data

Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide: How to Protect Your Data

Your Privacy: It’s Progressively Diminishing

Technology increasing as privacy decreases

This privacy guide is brought to you as a necessity for those who dislike the idea of being constantly watched. After all, why shouldn’t we have the right to protect our data?

Alas, the trend over recent times shows an inevitable decline in privacy. The Internet, smart home devices, the rise of cameras, and wearable technology are all indicators of this trend.

Development of technology, besides an exciting, convenient future, results in the reduction of privacy.

Indeed, we could all forget about this privacy guide, accepting the inescapable reality yet to come. There is, in fact, an insightful article about the declining privacy trend here, if you’re interested in learning more.

Sometimes, however, we don’t need to be providing data to such an extent—why a privacy guide is useful.

To iterate, the reality is that we are slowly losing our privacy everywhere with technology. That doesn’t mean we can’t secure certain aspects of our lives, though.

If you’re the hero, hacking scammers’ computers, you’re most likely against being tracked.

The ultimate purpose of today’s privacy guide is to provide you with the resources to:

  • Reclaim your online privacy
  • Become more anonymous online
  • Make sure your data is secure
  • Stop Windows 10 from spying on you

Pay with privacy: How to Use Bitcoin: Truths You Need to Know

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Ultimate Checklist for the Best Initial Windows 10 Setup

Ultimate Checklist for the Best Initial Windows 10 Setup

Windows 10 is notorious for poor privacy.

Your Computer Has Just Finished Installing Windows 10…

Okay, so you’ve waited and waited, and finally, you are at the stage of Windows 10 setup. That is to say, you’re probably looking at a bright blue screen with Cortana shouting down your ear.

However, you might already have Windows 10 setup, in which case, you can follow the later steps. We will cover what you can do after the initial Windows 10 setup wizard has completed, so don’t worry.

Ultimately, this is a guide for configuring your Windows 10 computer in the best way—for privacy and security. Therefore, even if you don’t think there’s work to be done, there’s likely something you need to do right now.

Zucking Your Data
Microsoft will Zuck many more datas when someone new has Windows 10 setup

But why is it important to have a Windows 10 checklist to abide by? Well, this makes it super-easy to get up and running as soon as possible.

On top of that, these steps will guide you through the ways of giving Windows 10 some privacy and security. Unfortunately, Windows 10 is notorious for collecting swathes of potentially personally-identifying data.

This data is sufficiently bountiful such that it can reveal a scary and surprising amount about you. In fact, Microsoft is essentially building up their own, massive profile of you.

Do you really want this?

Also, it is a very good idea to configure Windows 10 for security. As a result, I promise you won’t have to worry nearly as much about being infected by malware; infections of any sort are astonishingly likely, no matter how careful you think you are online…

With that all in mind, let us subsequently, swiftly shuffle our way into the first step of many. This after Windows 10 has finished its installation, to clarify.

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How to Be Productive with This Powerful Tool—Guaranteed

How to Be Productive with This Powerful Tool—Guaranteed

Update: You can now stay tuned for the free complimentary video!

How Organised is Your Life?Productivity Calendar

There should be no surprises when I say organisation is key when talking about how to be productive.

Despite many people accepting this statement to be true, some of us don’t act accordingly. Consequently, you’ll find an overabundance of disorganised people who simply don’t know how to be productive. Some people, however, are fine with a mediocre lifestyle, whilst others (like you, I assume) have wishful goals that they want to meet.

The problem we find is that, even though the desire to achieve remarkable things is present, there is a lack of motivation driving people through the necessary process—the path that leads to results. We mere mortals cower beneath the heavy, intimidating, ever-accumulating pile of work. Funny, why is this so if we know we must work to get results?

Admittedly, there is a tremendous deal of factors that contribute to a productive workflow. In this article, we will only be investigating a few of said factors, regardless of their equal importance. Still, you will be able to begin the transformation of your life with today’s article; after all, the best path is the one on which you take one step at a time.

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