How to Learn Colemak Effectively: the Best Strategies

How to Learn Colemak Effectively: the Best Strategies

What is Colemak

If you’re here wondering what you are doing here, allow me to explain. A while back, this article outlined why we should all learn Colemak and forget about QWERTY. But before getting too far ahead of ourselves, what exactly is Colemak or other keyboard layouts?

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As we all know, the QWERTY keyboard layout is not at all optimal for the masses. This is due to the fact that the layout was initially designed for typewriters; it’s horribly outdated, given that there are significantly superior alternatives.

One superior alternative, for example, is the almighty Colemak. Conveniently enough, you don’t need to buy a new keyboard, but rather you’ll only need to install some free software. Simply follow the instructions on the website.

US Colemak Keyboard Layout

See page for author [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The benefits of Colemak we’ll cover later, though, it’s not as easy as studying the benefits on paper, immediately reaping them after. Conversely (and unfortunately), the process of learning the new layout can be rather laborious, long, and painful.You will undoubtedly want to give up. Trust me—I’m a professional.

It is now therefore unmistakable that a generous surplus of resilience is crucial to learn Colemak with success; in fact, any sort of respectable success demands perseverance.

In this article, I will reveal ways to learn Colemak effectively—and get proficient sooner. There might also be opportunities to minimise your tiresome struggles along the way…

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Little-Known Ways to Quickly and Effortlessly Edit Text

Little-Known Ways to Quickly and Effortlessly Edit Text

Become a Keyboard Ninja

Be a Better Software Developer

Professional software developers know the way of the keyboard.

So, you want top-level typing proficiency that will defeat the competition once and for all, eh? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you exactly how to transform your keyboard into butter, and how you will benefit from sliding your hands all over that greasy, creamy, slab of goodness.

Unfortunately, most people I see fail to take full advantage of their feature-rich, though underappreciated, device of words – the keyboard. To be clear, I am not describing a case in which these people have no need to know how to skim and edit a text document like a keyboard ninja; you could easily accelerate their speed at typing and editing text on a computer screen.

If only you knew how.

Before we get into developing your keyboard skills, however, allow me to take a little moment to talk about why regular computer users, not to mention computer enthusiasts, like yourself

need these skills stuck onto your fridge door. Trust me, you will hail this knowledge like it’s a supernatural entity.

Please note that I can only speak with experience of using Windows and Linux. Mac users can still find value in this article, albeit some information might not have relevance.

Also, for additional guidance on mastering keyboard proficiency, check out my post all about buttery typing here.

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