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5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why I Happily Block Ads

5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why I Happily Block Ads

Is it Okay to Block Ads?

Whether or not you should block ads (advertisements) is a considerably controversial question, with swarms of arguments for each side. I, myself, use an advertisement blocker when browsing the deep streets of the Internet quite happily, in fact.

Keep in mind that I indeed run this blog and note how I do not display tasteless banner ads.Blocking the Ads

Of course, not everybody thinks like me, which is why I’m supplying the reasons for why you should block ads. This is in face of the arguments for not blocking ads, thus I will attempt to directly oppose them.

But why would you not block ads online?

Certainly, this is a thoughtful question with some solid answers to it, too. To exemplify, here are a few reasonable arguments against the usage of ad blockers, and they all relate to revenue.

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