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Productivity and Knowledge for Computer Enthusiasts

My name is Luis Thiam-Nye, and I believe that knowledge is power.

Combine knowledge with productivity and you get a truly unstoppable force.

This is why I’m here—to make your life as meaningful as possible by equipping you with valuable productivity skills and knowledge that make a difference.

Before I take our relationship further, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you love using computer technology and the productive, paperless power they bring?
  • Do you want to learn fun and useful tips to improve your computer setup?
  • Do you want to exceed with ambition and produce more work than ever before?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you can rest assured, knowing that this spicy, yellow (and greasy) place of knowledge is what you need to bookmark right now.

(Don’t worry, this butter is vegan-friendly)

Productivity for Programmers. Productivity for Learners.

If you’re a software developer, that’s great!

If you’re a learner (student or self-taught), that’s also great!

Guess what? I am both of these, and if you’re a software developer, you ought to be a exceptional self-learner. This is because technology is a rapidly growing beast with which you must keep up.

And how could you possibly keep up without well-established productivity?

Even though I talk a lot about programming, learning productively is an immensely valualble skill. Therefore, no matter what type of computer enthusiast you embody, please permit me to show you the way.

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[Bonus] Blogging? Why should I bother?

I’ll tell you why blogging is hugely beneficial for you, and your career. If you want the article with all the details, go here.

To keep this short, though, blogging is a great way to earn some side income, with which you could use to invest. It is also a brilliant way to boost you career, increasing your job opportunities and wages.

As a tech enthusiast, you have a variety of tech topics to talk about if that’s your jam. Moreover, a blog becomes an opportunity to learn more about your topic. This can be helpful if you have, or want, a job in the same field.

If you want to get started, I’ve used and I recommend the Simple Programmer free blogging course for the basics. The Smart Passive Income Build Your Own Brand free course goes into the detail of setting up your site.

Simple Programmer Free Blogging Course

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