Useful tips and advice for becoming as proficient as possible when using computers.

Do You Have an Avid Passion For Computer Technology?

Well, you’re in the right place

Technology is everywhere. From it, we have seen tremendous transformations in the way we live our everyday lives. Technology is a tool that enables us to achieve our very best. It made me start Cryptic Butter.

Therefore, unsurprisingly, devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones have a considerable involvement in the human population as a whole.

To some, technology is nothing more than a tool; something to help them cope and stay relevant in this technological era.

However, to others, the vast collection of computers and gadgets are truly fascinating. I can say for myself that technology is a passion.

There are innumerable aspects of this extensive field of technology: computers, computer peripherals, smartwatches, smartphones, smart home devices, virtual reality, augmented reality, cars, aircraft, artificial intelligence, and the list goes on.

Given the extensiveness of the “tech world,” sometimes we can feel lost, or confused, or perhaps we feel that there is more to know, more to learn, more space to enhance our ability and our skills.

This is Why I’m Here

I am here today with Cryptic Butter to solve a problem. I have come to help your keen eyes improve your skill with computers as well as fuel you with knowledge and advice to enable you to construct a better understanding of things to do with computing.

Don’t think you need to know the odds and ends of computer proficiency? Since you cannot know what you do not know, I place my bet that Cryptic Butter will give you at least one thing that you can benefit from to increase your productivity and take full advantage of these snazzy pieces of tech.

There are always ways to improve the way you use computers to assist you in your day-to-day lives.

My aim is that as a result of this online compilation of resources, you will become far better at using computers with buttery-smooth efficiency and being able to make decisions relating to what software or hardware you use.

I will target many aspects of computing that, collectively, form a strong understanding of computers as a consumer.

While Cryptic Butter is intended to be of interest to all computer enthusiasts, it should be especially beneficial to software developers. This is simply become I love programming software.

Again, just because you may be exceedingly knowledgeable when it comes to computing, it doesn’t mean I can’t serve you well. My personal advice and opinions could still benefit you. At the very least, I hope you will find my content interesting and provide insightful comments.

Take The Fun Pill

Who takes interest in boring-old-Uncle-Harold-The-Milkman? Not me.

I am sure you are not heavily enticed by “just words.”

Which is why I am going to sprinkling a spoonful of the “fun pill” into my words. It would be unreasonable to explain in detail how I do this, so here is a snappy summary:

  • I happen to know a mysterious man down the road. The shadow of his frayed, black cloak conceals his face.
  • He offers me “fun pills” whenever I pass him on my bicycle at precisely fourteen past eight ‘o clock in the evening.
  • After paying the man in wet, shaved cats, I return home and blend these yellow substances.
  • Since I use pen and paper to write and design my website (why not?), I sprinkle the powder onto my desk.

This method is proven. It just works.

I Am Omnipresent

There is no escaping me!

Alas, the social networks have accumulated incredible popularity. Yes, they do allow people and businesses to connect better, but they are very dangerous like otter. Furthermore, they are severely overcomplicated, in my opinion.

It comes with woe that there is no escaping the medias, just as much as there is no escaping me.

You can’t run, yer slippery apricot!

For more information about how there is truly no breaking free, please visit my contact page.

Not Just Blogs

Execute order 66

Cryptic Butter is primarily blog material. Although, I will treat your cute little face with some sweet, sweet bonus content.

To get your heart pumping with enthusiasm, these are the content ideas I might someday realise:

  • Books and eBooks.
  • Online/Email Courses.
  • Software
  • The Weekly Butter (Email Subscription)

Sadly for you, I am not currently in the stage of producing this content, though expect this to change as the website grows.

Where to Go From Here

Blog Posts

Below are 6 of my most popular post on Cryptic Butter, form all categories. However, you can see all of my posts with the menu at the top of the page (or filter by category) using the drop-down menu labelled ‘blog’. To search for something specific you could also use the search bar featured in numerous places.

Keep Up to Date

See what I am up to on social media—why not? Visit my contact page for a full list of all my social networks. Additionally, sign up for email updates (you can filter the emails you receive by category) so you will not miss out on some spectacular content.


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We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites.

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