Life Is an Illusion: 7 Reasons Why This Is

By Luis Thiam-Nye on 30 April 2018
Philosophers, for many centuries, have been trying to figure out this overarching question: what is reality? Perhaps life is an illusion. Perhaps life is not what you may have thought, and here are 7 reasons why this could be.

What is Reality, in Reality?

At some point, you go deep into the practice of contemplating life. What is reality? Is life an illusion?

Perhaps you are right, after all, there are so many possible explanations for the fact that life is an illusion. Even Elon Musk realises the abundantly likely chance that we are simply living in a simulation. It's a:

“billions to one chance that we’re not living in a simulation.”

I often have extraordinary experiences beyond my typical level of comprehension; something makes me dwell on the absurdity of life. In fact, it is almost as if everything around me becomes a counterfeit copy of “reality.”

But what if our perception of “reality” is wrong? We use the concept of reality to describe our conscious experience as a sane human. Although people may call me—from time to time—insane, I still believe in the Grand Illusion.

Moreover, you will find that the “Grand Illusion” is a recurring theme in the Philosophy department of the butter. That you will be somewhat familiar with after avidly reading about why we don’t have free will. However, if you aren’t a real supporter of the butter, here’s the definition of the grand illusion:

Definition of Grand Illusion

Gather round, children, as we discuss some of the possible reasons why life is an illusion. And you cannot deny that truth since the evidence is heavier than the crunchiest butter of all; trust me, I was brought up with proper weather maps.

1: Life Is a Simulation

This speculation can be found almost everywhere. As such, I will not waste too much time discussing this idea.

Life is A Simulation

Essentially, we could plausibly be the conscious simulation of another civilisation, be it human or not. Perhaps we are living the intricacies of a reality simulated by a so-far unseen supercomputer. Evidence for this comes in the form that we could eventually reach this point of stupidly advanced supercomputers, assuming any rate of technological improvement.

Thus far, this idea has manifested itself as a rather feasible possibility, albeit there are some potential problems with this. For example, a civilisation might never get to the point when they are able—and they decide—to simulate reality.

This is a frightening prospect because we will never be able to make predictions of any variety. To illustrate, if one of those crazy boffins (who are simulating us) decides to turn off gravity, we’re doomed.

What’s more, what if the people simulating us are being simulated? A simulation within a simulation. Just think about that…

2: This is The Ultimate Reality TV Show

The upcoming theory takes the not-so-scientific concept of reality television to the next level.

Sure, the people involved in these nonsense shows are at least aware that they are doing so. Although, have you considered the probability that people may be involved in reality television and not know it. Perhaps we are all involuntarily, unknowingly, a part of a real reality television show.

Reality as we know it could, in fact, be a category of television programme—the ultimate reality television show.

That sounds proper toasty et cetera, but how could it be that life is an illusion blinding us from realising we are the cast for a television show? In truth, there lies a multitude of viable explanations for this theory that life is an illusion.

For instance, this could be the workings of the governments. They do control our world, then again. So why wouldn’t they create the perfect set for the perfect reality television show?

The elites, with this in mind, could be watching everybody–everywhere—simultaneously. Despite being significantly distanced from “the grid,” the most intense tinfoil-hat advocate could not run away from this one.

Our world, on the contrary, could have been cloned such that one civilisation is watching and the other being recorded. In this case, the government is concealing the technology necessary to execute this idea.

3: We’re the Consciousness of a Catch-Up Television Show

We saw earlier that we could all be a computer simulation. Similarly, there is a chance that we could be the consciousness of a catch-up television show. To be more specific, a reality television show.

Are We a Television Show?

Therefore, the reality TV theory must be true if the catch-up TV show of reality exists. The chances are too high that this is, in fact, the juicy, mind-boggling truth that life is an illusion. Quick! Hide your cat—you’re living one of the many playing catch-up TV-shows.

How does it feel like to be the star of the show now, eh, Jimmy?

I bet Jimmy’s terrified right now, and you should be too. Just because I haven’t mentioned your name yet, Dorine.

It’s time to hide, hence making quality content for the viewers to relish and praise.

Indeed, you could argue a video does not have the precise realism of real-life. To answer this, you will be correct, though, to you, it seems to be realistic when it is not. This is similar to a dream where you think it’s real even though that is far from true.

4: You’re Being Mind Controlled by The Elites

This theory is virtually identical to a ludicrous theory I'll be describing later in this post. There is one major difference, however, which will become more apparent later. But focusing on this idea: are we being mind-controlled by the elites?

As a matter of fact, if there’s anything most likely to explain why life is an illusion, it would entail the elites. They are all over your life, mind you. I would laugh if you said anyone has the vaguest chance of escaping the elites.

Accordingly, there is a painful likelihood that, while nobody was looking, they all mind controlled us into believing an alternate reality. Unlike your friends, the elites can do a much more impressive job of concealing their activities. Furthermore, we can only speculate what technologies they could be using to make life an illusion of their own.

I am aware that many people have already delved deep into this subject. As a result, we now see ideas that the elites are using radio waves to steal our brainwaves or whatnot.

Regardless of how they achieve this, there must be some way for the elites to hijack our experience of reality. It might be plausible that we are all locked in somewhat of a mad scientist's laboratory. Unconscious; asleep. With this theory, our reality is fabricated—false—while we dream and never wake up.

One day, though, maybe someone will wake up. This event could manifest itself as sudden, inexplicable disappearances of people.

Evidently, this is a subject where one can doubtlessly spend their entire life dedicated thereto...

Further Investigation

If this is something that you would like to explore further, there are some books written on the subject you might want to read

For instance, was the HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) capable of mind control? Should you be worried about the CIA's mind control operations? Additionally, Mind Wars investigates the mind-control activity of the government and more.

I've also written a nonsensical, attempting-to-be-humorous article explaining 5 secrets that elephants aren't what you thought they were.

5: Life Is an Illusion—An Optical Illusion

You know those funny patterns that make your eyes go groovy when you stare at them? In all likelihood, you probably swim throughout the deep web for those trippy patterns, all day every day. If those patterns can trick your eyes into believing something other than reality, could reality—itself—be an optical illusion?

I agree, purely because of this graph as shown below:

The Potential Quality and Power of Illusions

Increasing Illusion Power

According to what you are able to observe, as we increase the illusion quality, we increase the illusion power. Due to the ambiguity of illusion quality and power, we will need to clarify precisely what I am conveying with it.

We all know that some optical illusions do better than other illusions at going beyond what reality is. That is to say, while in one illusion it seems like the shapes wobble when you move your eyes, in others, it appears as if the demons are trying to possess your soul. We can subsequently find that there is a scale of illusions based on the extent to which they fool you.

This scale is, as a matter of fact, what I have referred to as illusion quality. Next, we will need to unpick the power of “illusion power.”

Life Is an Optical Illusion
In this illusion, the lines look slanted, but they are actually straight. (Don't believe me? Get a ruler!)

In summary, illusion power is the term I am using to describe the potential for an illusion to fool you. To clarify, this is not the identical twin of illusion quality—it’s 5 shipping containers more than that.

To illustrate, frivolous 2D patterns you found on the deep web might force you to giggle like you’re being robbed. Whereas with more advanced illusions, you are completely fooled into believing something much more major than circles moving on paper.

It should be theoretically possible, having said that, that optical illusions can be so advanced such that there’s a probability that life is an illusion.

More Absurd (Less Likely?) Ideas

As I've alluded to earlier, we can come up with a plethora of ideas explaining why life is an illusion. Some being more absurd and less likely to be the case than others.

Nonetheless, even the most absurd idea might be worthy of somewhat of a consideration. Let us not forget, we'll never find the solution to life without maintaining an open mind to all sorts of ideas; there's always something new to learn or dwell upon.

The final two ideas of this post come under the category of the more absurd concepts and you can enjoy fully.

6: Everything Around Us Is the Workings of The Red Man

The Red Man

Let me tell you something: as my head collides with my concrete flooring after being impelled by my good friend, Stone, I see many images. These are comprised of electricity pylons, discarded apples, and, exceptionally frightening, the red man.

Every time this happens, I experience the same flashes of the red man. As a result, I speculate that the red man is deluding us into thinking reality = reality. Why, though, would I say this?

Thanks for asking that fascinating question because I can walk you through the investigation process. Indeed, I have investigated this myself; I would never risk being pummelled by my audience for feeding them lies of which I’ve totally fabricated.

The Evidence That Life Is an Illusion of The Red Man

Firstly, take “red man”— “red” and “man” begin with the same letters as “rake” and “main.” Would you be so foolish as to believe this is a coincidence? Coincidence? Really?

“Okay, Jim—if that really is your name—what exactly does ‘rake’ and ‘main’ mean?”

Dissecting “Rake”

In response to this, we will next investigate what is meant by “rake.” Of course, I, like everybody else, use rakes for combing the hair of goats in the evenings. It has no other feasible use.

Combing the hair of a goat is an act of involuntary governance over the goat. As such, a rake can be seen as a symbol of power and control. In the context of the red man, “red” obviously means governing.

Dissecting “Main”

What is The Red Man

Equally, “main” could allude to the mains electricity or, even deeper, the mains electricity sockets. What are these sockets used for, you ask? It turns out that you could plug in a kettle into the very sockets I’m talking about? Coincidence?

I think not.

Kettles are spectacular creations which heat water, thus producing immense quantities of steam. Also, steam typically (under normal room conditions) rises before disappearing. But what else disappears when you least foresee it?

Indeed—the intact wire of the fuse in the kettle when there is surplus current. Furthermore, it seems too suspicious that current is almost identical to currant. Redcurrants have a strikingly similar colour when compared to the red man.

Once more, these things don’t happen because they are a coincidence. For the reason that redcurrants and the red man are both red, “main” must mean “red.” Accordingly, “man” must mean “rake,” which can symbolise the “government.”

Bringing the Results Back to Reality

Governing Government is what the red man is, to conclude. To explain, on the other hand, the red man is governing our reality by regurgitating holograms in front of our foolish eyes. Let us now revolt against the red man—shut your eyes and you don’t see the hologram.

And that’s the first possibility, that life is an illusion crafted by the holograms of the Red Man.

7: You’re Being Mind Controlled by Your Friends

Don’t worry, it’s happened to me too. I’ll tell you a little story:

Once upon a time, I propelled my stone-like body into a congested street. Cars rushed at me, following subsequent explosions as intense as a telemarketer.

Then I gracefully extracted the bodies of the humans from a Reliant Robin, piling them into my van. I could not remember the following moments; all I recall are the ear-piercing screams of my friends in the back of the van.

Your Friends Are Mind-Controlling You

Nevertheless, I managed to navigate myself home, where my friends would not be able to do anything against me. Let us reaffirm that on my property, I have ultimate control over what happens. As a matter of fact, I could launch a missile into space if I wanted as long as it resided within the boundaries of my land.

Whilst I was unloading my handcuffed friends, contemplating why life is an illusion, one of them initiated a spiritual channel to the demons: Maverick, Patel, and Jael. Henceforth, my ears were consumed by an endless stream of chanting.

Emptiness. Then:

I fell out of bed. However—do not be fooled—this couldn’t have been a dream as I’d never seen my friends since. Rather, I believe they were mind-controlling me into thinking I was experiencing reality.

It seemed identical to real reality hence those must have been some slick mind control skills. What’s scary, though, is that I don’t remember coming back to real reality since…

You too could be mind-controlled into experiencing a fake reality.

Conclusion: Is Life an Illusion?

Given the extensive range of possible reasons why life could be an illusion, we should accept it to be true. Moreover, Elon Musk knows that “chances are we're all living in a simulation.” Being an exceptionally successful and inspirational entrepreneur, he must be right—right?

To add to your deep thinking, could it be possible that multiple of these ideas are true? Perhaps we are in a society simulated by people mind controlled by the elites who are actually the consciousnesses of a catch-up television show in an optical illusion in the original existence. Clearly, this can get deep.

Spread the hashtag just like you would spread the butter: #LifeIsAnIllusion

Maybe you could explore others’ ideas about life, while simultaneously ordering sandbags to stay safe from the flood. The biography of Elon Musk is also a fascinating, inspirational read.

See the full collection of Fascinatingly Fun posts including those of partially nonsensical philosophy.

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